Is Seagate FreeAgent Go Extreme 1000GB can works both PC and MAC?

I'm afraid of any problems with that.
As well, is this External hard disk is better than the opposite in WesternDigital in your opinion?

Thanks a lot.
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  1. I'd get the WD. My Passport Essential is cheap yet reliable in my experience (I have the 320GB version).
  2. It depends on how you partition it.
    The Mac can read FAT32 without a problem. The Mac will read NTFS, but cannot write to it. There is a program called MacFuse, which can read and write to NTFS drives.
  3. The old Linux ext2 is supported by both PCs and Macs. This gives you an HFS+ like file system (supports userids, ownership permissions, the works) that is shareable between all of Mac, PC and Linux.
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