3870 2D clock staying at 800mhz

I thought the gpu clock of the 3870s were supposed to clock down to 300Mhz for 2d applications. Mine is staying at 800Mhz.
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  1. oh yeah, CCC 8.5. The visiontek is the OC'd version.
  2. Come on guys. i know one of you can help.
  3. Im not sure about your GPU but my HD2900Pro does the same thing. But thats normally after a game. When does yours do it?
  4. That is the thing. This Visiontek card is the OC edition. It is staying at 800Mhz for 2d apps. My last sapphire 3870 had a 300Mhz 2d clock and 700Mhz for 3d apps.

    I am thinking i need to return it if the clocks arent working properly.

    So, Aren't the 38xx cards supposed to run at 300mhz for 2d applications?
  5. I dont think the X2 can underclock itself when overclocked with the current drivers...
  6. By any chance, is this the best buy HD3870 $129 card?
    If it is, I am having the same problem. The difference with me is that my MB sometimes shows it at x4 rather than x16, so I don't know if my MB is causing the issue with my card.
    I wish someone had an answer to this problem.
  7. What are you using to check the clocks?
  8. ^the CCC does it...

    I miss read the post, I thought you were talking about the x2

    Its probably Visionteks setup doing it...

    Soundefx that sounds as if it is working as part of a quad crossfire setup
  9. My MB is not a crossfire board. I only have one card in it and the pci-e slot runs at x16 most of the time. But when I randomly check gpu-z it shows the card running at x4.
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