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bought a new hard drive, got a version of winxp(x64) and installed. installed fine, then as i started to download data (patches for world of warcraft) i started getting the error "windows-nodisk" followed underneath by "exception processing message". after doing some google research, i think i found the problem, but it is beyond me how to solve it. my system storage device is labeled as (e:) and i for some reason have (c:)-removable disk showing up in my computer. i dont have any internal hd's or flash cards connected to my pc. my printer has slots for sd cards, but im not so sure thats the problem. i read that the most common issue is related to quicktime, but i didnt have quicktime installed on my comp. i went and installed the latest version of itunes/quicktime, and itunes says that installation failed and if i want to import cds i will need to reinstall. cdburnerxp also will not open, gives me the error "the application failed to initialize properly.
i read that i could try and rename my drive path to a different letter, but then states you cannot do this for your system storage device. i also read to try ms config and look for cetrain files in my startup and disable them, but i could not find any of the files they were talking about.

here is another strange thing....i was expecting to have to install all my drivers again (chipset, video card, audio, etc) with the new hard drive, but all my drivers were already installed besides the audio drivers.....(i obviously dont know alot about computers) i dont understand how that can be. does the motherboard have internal memory that will save all my drivers regardless of what hard drive i use? and if so, could it possibly have drivers on it for the old hard drive and thats why im getting this error? i didnt think you needed drivers for a hard drive, but ive already demonstrated how little i know >.< also, if this is the case, how would i go about rectifying this? system storage hd is labeled (e:), i have a (c:)-removable disk that shouldnt be there, and any program related to my cd-r/dvd-r burner seems to not want to work.

im hoping for an answer that doesnt involve reformatting my hd, (WOW TAKES FOREVER TO DL!!!!) but hope in one hand, @h:t in the other, i suppose.

thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. Do the instructions here help? You may want to backup your registry first, as it requires editing it.
  2. Usually can rename your drives from the bios set up screens. You enter the bios set up before the the os drive is started. Check your MB instructions on how to enter bios setup. Again usually you have to repeat pressing an F key like F8 or F1 at the start of the boot process. As to the other question, no there is not a depository of driver information stored on the MB. XP does come with many drivers though they are generic and often need to be updated from the hardware makers site. For instance your video card will work right away but will not be using the latest drivers from it's maker.

    I would install/reinstall the chip set utility drivers once you get the naming corrected. Also go to your different hardware sites and download/install latest drivers. I think the reason you are having install failures for software is that the install programs look for the c drive path as the default location to install to. When this happens the program does not find the expected software to upgrade.
    Hope this helps
  3. Reinstall Windows, and unplug any type of card reader or external drives or printers that have card slots.

    Even when Windows detects your drivers its always a good ide to load the newest drivers from mobo website.
  4. thanks for the replies, guys. i found the problem. my printer has card slots on it, and when i installed my os, it read that card slot as a removable disk drive. i found this out when i went to reformat and was at the partition selection screen. there was an additional unknown disc drive. when i unplugged my printer and restarted the setup, it was gone. so for anyone that would come here looking to resolve a similar issue, that may be your problem. make sure you dont have a printer or any sort of device with a slot or storage, or your system will pick it up and probably assign it to a drive letter that will royally fustercluck your pathways. daship takes the cake on this one tho. gj =]
    thanks again guys
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