What PCIE card with only 330 watt power supply?

Hi, I just got a new mb, ram and cpu. Like an idiot I didnt realize that there was no AGP slot on the mb. so now I have to buy a new graphics card. I dont really game but like the idea of being able to do a bit of casual gaming. I only have a 330 watt power supply and would really rather not have to buy a new one. Any suggestions?

Its a:
Gigabyte GA-M57SLI-S4 board
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000 Black edition
Antec True330 PS
Also 2 gigs of g.skill ram

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. That depends on a lot of things, how many amps on your 12v rail?

    I would recommend something like a 9600GT or 3850.
  2. I have no idea what that means but looked in the manual. It says I should use a 400 watt ps for the mb. I guess I have to buy a new ps too. Dammit. Oh well. Unfortunatly I wont be able to get a nicer vid card as will have to sink money into the ps. Grrrr. Should have done more research...

  3. The ATI 2600XT and the GeForce 8600GT do not require an additional power plug besides the PCIeX16 and would both be a decent card for that power supply.
    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102703 for the ATI card
    or http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814143115 for the GeForce. Make sure you get the DDR3 version of the 8600GT since it makes a big difference in the speed of the card
  4. The true 330 was pretty beefy in it's day. I had one myself. It's got a relatively beefy 22 amp 12v rail. It could power a 9600GT if the rest of the system load isn't too much. 9600GT is almost overkill for liking the idea of being able to do casual gaming. A slower and cheaper HD2600XT, HD3650, 8600GT or HD2600 Pro would even meet those requirements while consuming less power and not even needing a PCI-e 6-pin to molex adapter since his PSU doesn't have PCI-e power lead. I'd look into one of those if it were me.
  5. ^ AH, you beat me to it. Great minds think alike huh.

    I like the HD2600XT over the 8600GT (and yes make sure it's GDDR3). Often better performance without fsaa for the 2600XT, and fsaa at this level card is losing appeal. Both good options though.

    Other cheap options:
    silent with a free game: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127318


    slower, but cheaper and is a quiet card, also with the witcher for free. (mature game warning) http://pc.ign.com/articles/831/831264p1.html
  6. Hey thanks guys. My big issue right now is I want it right now. How is the EVGA 8500gt? I can get it here
    today. Am thinking that with the Antec baciq 500 watt ps.

    I got everything else in the mail yesterday and was rather looking forward to getting it together today.

  7. You don't need a new power supply for these cards The Antec basiq model isn't really that good either. Their earthwatts 380 would be as good and higher quality.

    And you won't find an 8500GT very good for gaming. Even the $40 HD2600 pro above is better. For the price, you could have a HD2600XT that sit's above the 8600GT never mind the 8500GT. That said, for buy it today and no rebates, bring it back if you don't like it, etc. .... the cicuit city price is respectable for a retail chain. Problem is it is not a good gaming card.

    Keep in mind Neweggs shipping is very quick depending on your state. I ordered a XFX 8800GS for $90 AR with Call of duty 4, shipped free on Wednesday morning. I would have recommended that but it's too much for your power supply. It arrived yesterday, less than 30 hours after I ordered. Most people get their stuff in two days if the closest warehouse has them. If not it will take a third day.

    edit: if there is a problem, you have to ship it back though.

    edit again: another thought. The evga 8500GT would let you use it today, be returnable to the store if you are not happy, and also worth mentioning it can be used as an upgrade on evga's tradeup program. You'd get the full $80 put toward another card if you trade up within 90 days. Not always or even typically a good route to go, but just wanted to mention it is a possibility for your consideration, since you want a card today.
  8. Hi again, but the mb manual says to use at least a 400 watt ps. Should I just try and go with what I got and see what happens? Worst thing is it doesnt work right?

  9. They kinda assume a loaded system ands also that not all 400W PSU's are equal. Your 330w has more 12v power than the Antec smartpower 400W had back then. Many generic 420-430w powers supplies only came with 17-18 amp on the 12v rail.

    If it has all the connectors you mobo needs, I would try it. You could have stability issues if not enough power.

    If buying a new power supply avoid the basiq and buy and earhtwatts 380w or 430W instead. Better quality and equal to greater 12v. Those would let you consider the 8800GS bargains.

    Much better than the basiq, only a few bucks more and 34amp 12v.

    forget CC ranking: Look at a review. it's made by seasonic, very respectable quality brand:

    look at neweggs user ranking:

    Look at this price: same 27 amp 12v as the basiq 500W

    Look at this deal with a hot $40-50 shooter game if that interests you.

    If not go for the quieter evga:

    Anyway, enough links. The 8800GS and 9600GT may be overkill for you. But they really they start the serious gaming cards arena, and for such a low price. They offer over twice the performance/power of the 8600GT HD2600XT. But those cards might still thrill you with what they can do for your casual gaming. Don't overspend, but keep in mind quality of gameplay and detail levels on the better cards.
  10. yep yep ^

    the 8600GT and HD2600XT are good mid range cards that will plug in and run on your system. For a big step up with better quality and better gaming Pauldh nails it with an upgraded, but still cheap PSU and very reasonably priced 8800GS. Under $100 for one option and under $200 for the other (after rebates and i hate rebates)
  11. I'm not crazy about rebates, but I do mail them in. Just got an MSI rebate in the mail yesterday, and an antec one earlier this week. I'd rather have a $20 instant discount than a $30 mail in though. Typically it's when they do both at once with free shipping that I get excited. :) I couldn't resist another XFX 8800GS when it was $90 AR shipped free with COD4 ($10 cheaper than now).
  12. OH NOES! I suddenly realized i was slacking as an enthusiast by not letting you know that with that motherboard you could get 2 9800GTX2 cards for only $499 each before rebate (less than $1,000 after rebate for both!) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130338 and a 750w PSU http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139006 for only $170.00. Sorry about that!
    Now about your monitor................. : )
  13. Haha, you are very funny. $500 each and 2 no less... hehe. my final question is, if I go with the 2600 which is based on ati will that be a problem with my board that is based on nvidia? For what its based on nvidia I do not know since it has no onboard video but just wanted to make sure Iwasnt making my life difficult in some way.

  14. You can't run two ATI's in crossfire, otherwise no problem at all. Go for either ATI or NVidia, whatever is best for your budget.

    How did you end up with an SLI mobo?
  15. Basically I didnt feel like doing tons of research so picked one in my budget that the good people of newegg seemed to like. :) Stupid me didnt take into account it might not have an agp slot on it. Oops.
  16. Well, that mistake better sets you toward the future to be honest, so count yourself lucky. PCI-e cards are so much cheaper, and more options available, it was a better route.

    What AGP card did you have? Chances are if it's old, a comparable PCI-e card is dirt cheap. If it's a decent AGP card, chances are you can get some money for it on ebay or craigslist.

    Reason I ask though, you could have probably found a cheaper non sli mobo to serve you just as well if you never plan to run two nvidia graphics card for heavy gaming.
  17. Hi guys, thanks for all the assistance. I went over to Circuit City and Best Buy (conveniently located across the street from each other) and was lucky to find an HD2600 Pro on clearance for $59.99! I was very pleased since all the rest of them were $129 and up for the ones that were recommended. I am hoping this one works out for me. Putting it in today so maybe the next time I post will be from that machine!

    I didnt get the power supply but will if I have to. Staples had the Earthwatts 430 for 79.99 so I would prolly opt for that if I have to grab one today. Best Buy had the Earthwatts 500 for 99.99 so maybe that one to prep for the future? I dunno, we shall see.

    Thanks again,
  18. Hi again, man do I have problems. I am posting it here even tho I dont even think its really video related. I put the whole shebang together and I get NOTHING. Nothing at all. Doesnt seem to be sending a signal to the monitor at all. I even tried an old pci video card I had laying around and another monitor. I get nothing, no bios no nothing. Would the small power supply cause this? The only things running atm are some fans (4), one sata hd, 2 cdroms and the video card. I had WAY more stuff hooked up to the old mb with the same hd. Could the manufacturer be right and I HAVE to have a 400 watt ps? And if not, how do I know what is bad? cpu? mb?

    Thanks again,
  19. Great nothing works. Went and got an Earthwatts 500 from circuit city and still nothing... I am sending the mb and processor back. It still does nothing and now there is nothing at all left from my old system so it has to be one of them. The new ones better work. Now I get to pay $11 to ship it back and wait around another week at least before I get to try again. I am so freaking annoyed at the moment
  20. You get no fan spin, no beeps, no nothing?

    Are you positive you have hooked the power switch up correctly to the mobo and that the power button works? Double and triple check these.

    Before shipping back the mobo, you should jump the power switch header pins to make sure it's not the power switch itself.
  21. I get all the fans on. I hear the hd spin up. Then nothing. And its too late. I just dropped them off at ups anyway. I switched out everything i had available. I tried it with just the ram. I tried it with one stick of ram and then the other. I tried different ram slots. Nothing works. :(
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