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I had a OCZ Vendetta Fan.
Currently I have 2.8 Ghz overclocked stable.. max temp when running prime is 65 C. Is that normal? I can't get it to 8 multiplier, it doesn't even boot into windows. Something wrong with my fan? Or just a bad chip?
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  1. naw, probably ur volts, either vcore, ram, or chipset. what mobo is this? do you have a G0-SLACR?
  2. Asus p5k deluxe wifi.

    I got it to run on 3.2 ghz with 1.38V core. Prime gets me up to 77 C. O.O". Did I install my fan wrong or is that normal? Idle temps at 3.2 ghz are 51C. X_X Aren't idle temps supposed to be at like 30C?

    Figured Out Problem: I am truly retarded, I had fans facing each other. One fan went > and the Vendetta went <. I removed the > fan and my temps dropped 15C. -_-
  3. Thats okay, happens. At least your not an idiot, you wouldn't realize your retarded. :)
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