I found a different solution to boot Windows Xp x86/x64 via usb disk. First ensure the bios is set to usb storage or usb emulation enabled. Then pop in Windows Xp x86/x64, select boot options to CD-ROM then partition the drive or your choice unless you want to install another OS such as Vista*. After the files are copied in the directory of the drive (C: for example), computer will reboot remove the installation disk for now. I use a ERD commander live CD to enter the C: drive and in the WINDOWS directory look for a folder which is revealed called inf. In the folder look for three .inf files (usb.inf, usbport.inf, and usbstor.inf). Open each file with notepad and scroll to start type, ctrl f to quickly access to start type; change 3 in start type to 0 (ctrl f start type many times until it can't find anymore) also rename under Group :Base in each to Boot Bus Extender (except for in usbohci rename Base to System Reserved). Save them all to a flash drive or burn on CD. Exit the C: drive and click on go of the ERD commander live CD, click on start, programs, and select Registry Loader. You'll see a remote directory click on Remote Windows Directory sand choose drive (C:) and select Windows and click on Go there's the registry. Click HKEY LOCAL MACHINE _C system click on control set, services, right click services, add new key in services rename new key usbohci. There are six keys that must be edited: usbccgp, usbstor, usbuhci, usbhub, usbohci*, and usbehci. Click on start of each registry and change 3 to 0. Add a new string name or string value name it group and click on group and add Boot Bus Extender (except for usbohci add System Reserved. Also when you select usbohci add three REG_DWORD strings to it and name them: start, type, and errorcontrol. Start=0 type=1 errororcontrol=1. Done, now double check if all are named Boot Bus Exender (System Reserved in usbohci) and all are Start 0. Now reboot computer and remove Cd and pop back the Windows Xp x86/x64 installation CD. Make sure that the usb device boots first. There are about five or six prompts click yes, those verify usb devices. Installation may take 25-35 minutes and reboots. It works, however it does not read pagefile but no problem. (I highly recommend using an ide to usb device to boot up windows with an older drive or use an external drive that supports up to 480mb/sec. Store data from a flash and it is fast!)
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  1. Errr, thanks for sharing! Would it be possible to divide this up into paragraphs, so that it's easier to read? :D
  2. Whats the purpose of doing this? Why did you go through all this trouble to boot from USB?
  3. grieve said:
    Whats the purpose of doing this? Why did you go through all this trouble to boot from USB?

    I think he somehow believes it would be fast.
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