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I'll try to make this short. A couple of weeks ago, I had to reformat my
hard drive and reinstall Windows XP Pro & everything, including all the
critical updates, which I did before reloading software. I've reloaded
nothing new -- everything was there before the crash.

Things were working fine for about a week. I got down to reloading the last
couple of software programs & their patches, which went fine.

However, two nights ago, then I started getting an error message on reboot:
System Error
The Win16 Subsystem was unable to enter Protected Mode, DOSX.EXE must be in
your AUTOEXEC.NT and present in your PATH

Since it was the middle of the night, I followed the troubleshooting steps I
could find and isolated the problem, I think, to something in the Startup
Items using msconfig. What seemed to be triggering the error was Clean Sweep
Smart Sweep, which is part of Norton SystemWorks Premier 2005.

The confusing thing for me is that particular program/component had been
(re)installed and working fine for about 10 days at the point the error
started happening.

However, deselecting it in msconfig and using selective startup stopped the
error message. In the meantime, I'm trying to work with Symantec to get a

Last night, I *finally* got to the point of installing the last piece of
software, which *is* a new program for my computer. It is Adobe Type Manager
Deluxe 4.1.

But, when I tried to install ATM, I can't: I get the same darn error
message, only this time it's with an installation rather than on reboot.
And, since I'm still running the selective startup with what I thought was
the problematic item disabled,

I've poked around reading (until I've thoroughly confused myself) but am
just not sure how to proceed. I've not found anything about his specific
error message for Windows XP, although I think I read something about it with
respect to Windows 2000.

Clearly, I've got problems, and I'd sure appreciate assistance getting
things fixed. Quite frankly, all of this is over my head although I'm very
good at following instructions if anyone has suggestions.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Win16 subsystem is used by XP when it is running 16 bit programs, but looks like there are some issues with that. Read here...

    See if there is an updated ATM Deluxe version, or find another one that will do what it does. Unless you really need the extra fonts I doubt you will miss that program much. I can barely rememeber this program from about 5 years ago, don't think it server much purpose other than manage PostScript fonts. I think there are plenty of other programs, some of which may be free, for this.
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