store recommends diffrent motherboard... please review.

store recommends on different motherboard... please review.


originally i planned to purchase this system:
CPU: Intel E8500
Motherboard: Gigabyte P35-DS3L
RAM:2x2GB OCZ Vista Upgrade Copper Mirrored XTC Heatspreader
video card: eVGA 8800GT 512MB GDDR3 DX10 HDTV 2xDVI PCI-E
Power supply: Antec TruePower Trio 650W Active PFC (12cm Fan) (24pin)
Hard Drive: Seagate 500GB 7200RPM, 32MB, SATA II

and he told me that they had couple of times problems with E8500 and the Motherboard Gigabyte P35-DS3L

so he suggested to take the Gigabyte EP35C-DS3R s775 1333Mhz, Intel P35, 4xDDR2 1066, 2xDDR3, PCI-E

is the EP35C-DS3R also ok and recommended?

also the RAM he told me to take the Corsair DHX 2x2GB TwinX DDR2 800MHz CL5 (twin2X4096-6400C5DHX)

ok money is not the issue but i would like to get some opinions from others here...

thank you for any help.
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  1. I have just knew this from you. Theoretically, there should be no such problem exist.
    I have built a system with E8400 and P35DS3L and I haven't encountered a problem such as that.
    But E8500 and P35DS3L? hmmm...I don't know 'bout that.
    Perhaps, what they try to tell is that it had something to do with the old version BIOS from DS3L, for sure, it can't recognize the new cpus.

    Gigabyte EP35C-DS3R is a lot better than DS3L but almost twice the price from DS3L.
  2. i have the p35c-ds3r, it's a good board, I like it a lot. Whether there's a legitimate issue, or he's just trying to upsell, I don't know. I haven't heard about that compatibility issue, but you never know.

    i also can't see the change in memory mattering much, both brands are great. You'll be fine whichever option you choose. The p35c-ds3r gives you a few more options like RAID and upgrading to DDR3 later, but that's about it.
  3. There is no problem with yoour choices. The GA-P35-DS3L supports 45nm processors. I would not go with the store's choice of motherboard which supports DDR3 and DDR2 at the same time.
    OCZ and Corsair are both good brands for memory.
    I'd get a better power supply.

    Top Tier PSU:

    Silent PSUs

    AMD Certified PSUs (Single+Crossfire):

    Certified SLI-Ready Power Supplies
  4. thank you for your reply's

    will the system be stable and good with the stores suggested parts?
    i mean with the Gigabyte EP35C-DS3R and the
    Corsair DHX 2x2GB TwinX DDR2 800MHz CL5 (twin2X4096-6400C5DHX)

    about the PSU
    is the Antec not good?

    this are the options at the store:

    this are the power supply options at the store
    Power supply: here are my options
    TR2 Power W0101 550W Silent (24pin)
    ToughPower W0103 600W PFC (24pin)
    Noisetaker II EG701AX-VE 600W Dual Fan
    TruePower Trio 650W Active PFC (12cm Fan) (24pin)

  5. The problem being that the boards were most likely been on the shelf for a while and just needed a BIOS update to recognise the new processor. Sounds like they just want to sell you a more expensive board for really no good reason other than putting a little more cash in their pockets, or saving them a little trouble.
  6. Thermaltake 600W is a much better power supply.
    They are the heart of your system. Do not skimp on the power supply.
  7. Just chooce as you see fit. EP35DS3R and DS3L are both good.
    DS3L is cheap but EP5DS3R has RAID, and DDR3 upgrade.
    It will work out just fine with Corsair DHX 2x2GB TwinX DDR2 800MHz CL5 (twin2X4096-6400C5DHX), don't worry.

    Antec is good, buit if you like to buy Antec, I think, it would be better if you buy a bundle with the case (example : Sonata III). 500W is enough without SLI or Crossfire.
  8. ok this is the status:

    i have called the store and told him to swap the PSU to Enermax
    Noisetaker II EG701AX-VE 600W Dual Fan.

    about the motherboard:
    if there is no problem with this board and it will work ill stay with the
    Gigabyte EP35C-DS3R (maybe in the future for DDR3)

    what do you say?

  9. Go spent those bucks!
  10. It might just be that the DS3L is not available any more.
    It's the same here. I just tried to order one for a friend. The guy at the store said it's out of stock with the supplier and that they don't have a restock date. The same is true for the GA-P35-DS3R. He said GA-P45-DS3L will replace it. Sometime in June.
    So I went with the same board I have DS3P as it was quite good to me (27 EUR more than DS3L).
  11. ok about cases the store has these models
    (i would like it to be silent and good cooling)

    Antec Nine Hundred Ultimate Gamer Black
    Thermaltake Soprano VB1000BWS
    Thermaltake Armor Jr VC3000BWS
    Enermax Chakra ECA-3052BL Black/Blue
    Enermax Chakra ECA-5001 Full-Tower 25cm Monster Fan Black/Silver
    Chieftec CX LCX-03B-B-A-OP Medi-Tower

    my favorite is Antec Nine Hundred Ultimate Gamer Black

    what do you say? what would be the best choice for good cooling/silent?

  12. @ Andrius

    i got the EP35C-DS3R do you have the same?

    you wrote you got the DS3P
  13. @evongugg

    oh sh.. i have read you PSU suggestion wrong :-( i will change that tomorrow... you suggested the Thermaltake 600W and i somehow understood enermax... anyway ill change that tomorrow to the ToughPower W0103 600W PFC

    damn i have to read more carefully...

  14. @icarusil
    I've built my own computer in October last year (and I have a DS3P).
    I've just ordered the parts for a friend. I was going to get the DS3L but they were out of stock. So I took something they had : GA-P35-DS3P (revision 1.0).
    The board you got is just about the same but it has the energy saver upgrade and also supports DDR3 (something my friend will never use as this is a budget work machine (LPT was a must). Firewire is also a plus as he has a firewire external disk for backups.
  15. The psu is fine. Antec has made their fair share of garbage power supplies, but the trio product line is pretty decent. A single video card system won't even come close to 650w anyway.
  16. @Andrius
    the energy saver upgrade is great... will save some money in long term
    and DDR3 is at the moment to expensive but maybe in 1 year they will drop and i can upgrade... this is a plus...


    i got confused about what PSU to take...

    should i stay with the Enermax Noisetaker II EG701AX-VE 600W Dual Fan. ?
    or swap it?

    i am very confused about that part now... please advice

  17. The Enermax is on par with the Antec. Take whichever one is cheaper.

    The toughpower is likely the best of the bunch, but none of the PSUs you listed are bad, except the TR2.
  18. @icarusil
    From what I've read about the DES it's all hype and no fireworks.
    From a savings stand point it might be worth it in the long run. If your computer runs 24/7 you'll save up for a new GPU every 3 years or so. ;)

    Aside from that (if you want to call it that) added value this is an 8hour/5day per week workplace code typewriter/logic compiler and debugger/mail reader build. It would save the employer $40 or so a year in electric bills. The GA-EP35C-DS3R also doesn't have an LPT/COM that is needed for this kind of work so it was a no choice pick for me.

    I'm sure the GA-EP35C-DS3R will serve you just as well as a DS3L would have and it also has 4 extra SATA ports (that's added value!).
    Good luck.
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  22. If you plan on overclocking, i'd advise against the EP. Atleast if it's the same as the EP in the DS3L. From what i've heard, due to the power saving feature and the way it functions, it's damned near impossible to overclock.

    But if your not planning an overclock, then i don't see why you shou8dn't get it.
  23. ^If you set your voltage controls to manual (most overclockers do that first thing) or disable DES it's the same as a classic P35-DS3x. The sad part is they charge extra for it. :D
  24. thanks for the reply's

    PSU: so i understand i can stay with the Enermax... its cheaper than the Antec. and will do the job... great.

    Motherboard: the extra sata ports and the support for DDR3 and 45 nanometer CPU support will help me to upgrade in the future...

    so i see that as a green light from all of you....

    thanks again and i will take some pictures from the new hardware... i will get the parts in 3 day's
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