How to recognize an external hard and transfer data without formatting the disc?

I just got a new laptop and wanted to transfer the data from my old laptop, which crashed a few weeks ago. I placed the internal hd into an external hd case, but when I try to transfer the data to my new laptop, I am prompted to format the disc. If I go into disc management, the computer recognizes the total space on the hard drive, but I can still not access it. Any help?
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  1. I am using windows vista business. The hard drive of the laptop is format NTFS while the one I am trying to transfer data from is RAW.
  2. RAW is not a recognizable file system, if you're getting that on a previously working laptop drive, it is probably corrupted. The drive may be mostly intact, but if it can't recognize the file system, you won't be able to retrieve it. The file system might be able to be repaired, though can't really say for sure without knowing the extent of the damage.
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