Need help with OC - E8400/P5K

Hey guys...

Well.. Never tot bout OC before but guess now I should start wit it..

Neway, below is my pc specz:
-KINGSTON PC5300 DDR 2(667) 2gb x 2
-Silverstone Strider ST56F 560 Watt psu

So guys, since I got no basic knowledge in OC, please anyone out ther guide this newbie and recommend for overclocking in safe level tat my PC can up 2..

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  1. First of all, I would recommend not posting using a cell phone.

    Second, I would recommend reading about overclocking on any number of forums dealing solely with that topic. Overclocking is not an exact science, and someone just telling you what votages and frequencies to set your equipment will not really help you.

    That being said, your first problem is that your RAM does not have any overhead to increase the front side bus. Meaning...the E8400, to run at full spec'ed capability runs at 3.0Ghz by utilizing a 9x multiplier and a core clock of 333 mhz, thus giving you a 1333 front side bus. At that speed your 667 RAM is already at its max. If you were to, for example, increase your core clock to 400 mhz, giving you a FSB of 1600 and effectively running your cpu 3.6ghz, you will have increased your ram speed to 800 mhz, if of course you are keeping a 1:1 ratio, which is recommended.

    If none of that makes any sense at all, please reference the above mentioned second point. Good luck.
  2. ok..
    Now am using 2 x ddr2 800 2gb valueram

    and planning to OC as below:-

    CPU freq = 400mhz
    CPU multiplier = 9
    FSB termination voltage = auto
    vcore voltage = 1.30000v
    Dram voltage = 1.970v
    NB voltage = 1.36v
    SB voltage = auto
    HT voltage = 1.36v

    Do i need to do any additional changes(above) before perform the overclock?
    N yea.. How bout the memory timing? wut timing i should use? and how bout the SB voltage and FSB termination voltage(VTT) ?

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