3Dmark06 -> 5445 for HD3870 on Vista x64 !?

Hi everyone, what is wrong with my new graphics card ?

Just received my new MSI RX870 (HD3870) and I don't think this even an average score for this card (it was installed by a reliable vendor). I checked the web and it seems wrong all the way. Any suggestions what might be wrong ? (because I would rather stick to my 1950Pro otherwise.. grr that's just me :)

Some info (GPU-Z 0.2.2):

Device Id: 1002 - 9501
Subvendor: MSI (1462)
Bios: 30.1.2008 (latest)
GPU: RV670
ATI Driver: 8.493.0.0
Bus Interface: PCI-E x16 (2.0)
Bus Width: 256 Bit
Memory type: GDDR4
Memory size: 514MB
Current GPU Clock: 796 MHz (default 800 MHz)
Current MEM Clock: 1125 MHz (default 1126 MHz)


Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP1
ATI Tray Tools (
ATI Catalyst 8.5 for Vista x64 (2008.0512.1133.18639 just downloaded)



So what can be possible wrong or what is causing that ?

Feel free to ask any more details... about system.


P.S.: I hope my computer info will be in my signature below..
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  1. No the signature didn't fit.. so here it goes:

    CPU: AMD A64 X2 4400+ EE (socket AM2) Box
    MB: MicroStar K9A Platinum, ATI RD580/SB600, 2xPCIe-CF, 1394
    RAM: GEIL 2x1GB DDR2 PC800 (GX22GB6400UDC) *BK
    VGA: MicroStar RX3870-T2D512E-OC (PCIE, 512MB, 256bit, 2xDVI+
    CASE: Thermaltake VC2561 MAMBO (VC2000 + 560W PSU 14cm fan)
    DVD: LG SuperMulti GSA-H42L, Retail LightScribe B+W
    HDD: Seagate Barracuda ES ST3250620NS - 250GB SATA3G 16MB
    HDD: Maxtor One Touch III Turbo - 1.5TB RAID USB&FW800 16MB
  2. PSU?
  3. 560W
  4. roadrunner197069 said:

    The wattage isn't enough information. What brand/model? How many volts on the +12v rail(s)?
  5. Msost likely the card isnt getting enough power. Amps on the 12v rail is most important.
  6. Is there a way to determine that it was included with the case ?
  7. Well since it came with the case then 99% its junk and cant power the 3870.

    There should be a sticker on the PSU itself.
  8. Ok, well I'm going to buy a new PSU anyway. Can you recommend me a good PSU that will hold HD3870 and HD3870x2 together with this computer set, instead ? (If there'll be problem anyway I'll try to investigate that while being backed-up by a good PSU later)
  9. I'll let somone else recommend. I'm not into the whole crossfire/sli hype.
  10. (I'm going to buy a HD3870x2 later this year I saw it performs well in CF with HD3870.. ~2 times better and almost as two HD3870x2s in CF)
  11. Ok.. thanks anyway.. I was wandering what it might be.. I'm very much into a software but PSUs are pretty unknown to me.
  12. 48xx is next month, and would be a wayyyyyyyy better choice.
  13. If the video card wasn't getting enough power the computer would freeze up or shut off, not slow down the frame rate. Everyone goes right to the power supply <sigh>.

    First thing, You have 2GB of ram and are using a 64bit OS, 2GB is very low for 64 bit simply because your 32bit programs will use double the memory that they did in 32 bit windows because they are running in 32 bit emulation mode. Plus! its vista, so the combination of those two things (64bit Vista) that will lower your score by a few hundred points compared to 32bit XP.

    Second thing and most important, that cpu you have is old, its a 2.2Ghz Athlon. Chances are nothing is wrong with your computer, you are simply CPU bottlenecked. Even though you have a 3870, you simply will not score the same as someone running a Core 2 duo at 2.4 plus these days.
  14. Yeah, but way more expensive.. but if there'll be a chance to make it work together with this card or it'll be more powerfull than those two together while cheaper then HD3870x2 at that time.. I'll give it a try.. :P
  15. FHDelux:

    Ok.. but that low ??

    3DMark Score: 5445
    SM2.0 Score: 2291
    HDR/SM3.0 Score: 2313
    CPU Score: 1670

  16. Th CPU does suck but not that bad. Hes about 1/2 what he should be not off by a few 100. A starved card wont necessarily freeze or shut off on a short benchmark. Obviously its chugging along just barely. Maybe a intense game will shut it down.
  17. roadrunner: It's working in games but I got a feeling that there are bursts of fan and also the performance.. so it bursts for a while and sometimes the framerate goes down for a while and then again..

    It seems like I have to buy a new PSU AND a new CPU..

    Would be the AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ enough because that's that higher ranked AM2 CPU here (Czech Republic) ?
  18. Just look through some old 3dmark06 scores with people running Athlons around that speed. Nobody really scores more than 6000. I think your score is actually pretty good considering your CPU. Dont waste your time with a new power supply It wont do you any good at all, neither will a 3870X2. If you want a higher 3dmark you have to increase the performance of that CPU. Sorry, but i would bet anything thats the problem.
  19. roadrunner: But I never played the Hellgate London before with this card so I don't know how the card usually performs.. Oblivion worked just fine around 45FPS for four hours (terminated by me).
  20. FHDelux: Well that just means I'm buying all three (CPU, PSU, GPU :P) I just wanted to know if I should return it or if it's normal.. I just hate messing with hardware.

    Is there a site with the benchmarks so I can see for myself.. I was searching google but I didn't find anything like my configuration benchmarked ?
  21. Ok.. I found the results on the FutureMark itself (shame on me).. Thanks to all.. I'm going upgrade.. :P
  22. You should be able to hit atleast 9k with your current setup. Period! You want more you need a intel OC setup.
  23. On the other hand..

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+
    ATI Radeon HD 3870

    9968 ?

    I guess it will be PSU after all..
  24. SmartK8: I do this **** for a living. Its not a hobby for me. If I'm not sure about something I dont post. You can score atleast 9k with your setup. It needs power!
  25. On the (goddess Kali's) other hand..

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+
    ATI Radeon HD 3870 (PCI-e 2.0, 512MB)
    Microsoft Windows Vista

    5709 ? (either a bigger loser or the PSU strikes again)

    I guess I'll definitely try a PSU first.. then I'll try one by one anything.. thanks guys..
  26. roadrunner: I'll give it a try.. Who knows what PSU is in side.. I'll check the vendor for the best go.. thanks a lot (i'm going to watch a movie at least that scores fluently :P)
  27. http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=246653

    This Forum post has a ton of people running athlons and good video cards, you can see for yourself. Most of the people scoring 10k 3dmarks are highly overclocked. That 3600+ you mentioned is probably running at 2.6Ghz or so. Heres someone who has a 4400+ overclocked to 2.65Ghz and a 3870 and they score a 9700 3dmark06.


    Im not gonna say if you were to get your CPU to 2.6Ghz you would match that score but you would probably pick up 1k - 2k in points.

    Before Overclock:

    After Overclock:
  28. @ FHDelux LOL. So he can get the extra 4000+ points if he OCs 300MHz? Get a life noob! You probably don't even know how to put your underwear on right. They should be on your head since your a dumb a@@.
  29. I'm running a 939 3800x2 Overclocked - 2.5 with 3850 256meg and scored over 9200. Of course the PSU is no peice of junk and the card is overclocked to 730/2000 so listen to the Roadrunner.
  30. Im not going to even bother anymore.
  31. Did you ever try using different drivers? Some ATI drivers don't fare well in 3dmark, and if you're games are playing the way you want them too then why bother changing anything.

    Also, if the PC isn't crashing during gaming then I don't think it is the power supply. You said you played four straight hours of Oblivion right?
  32. FHDelux said:
    If the video card wasn't getting enough power the computer would freeze up or shut off, not slow down the frame rate. Everyone goes right to the power supply <sigh>.

    well how do you explain this then?
    My score on 3DMark06 with the old XClio PSU was around 3380 and the score with the new Corsair PSU is 12980!!!
    he had a different set up, but it still proves the point
    yep, I'm with roadrunner on this one, get a proper psu, use the tier listing mentioned in the thread above
  33. San Pedro: Right.. just running around actually.. I played it for real two (afair) years ago.. the Oblivion was fine.. but it's ok, I will need a new PSU somewhen anyway so it doesn't bother me that much. All I wanted to know if it is the card or something else.. and it seems it's the latter :)
  34. Btw. here are some screenshots of the different settings if you guys come up with something.. but I think I told you all.. going to sleep now.. :)

  35. I have a similar setup same 3870 and a amd 4400 just slightly overclocked to 2.4ghz and I get around 8k. My questions is what are your ram timings set at? No one seems to have asked that question. My mother board (biostar) resorted to the highest latency settings, perhaps yours did the same?
  36. I updated the link http://k8.no-ip.org with CPU-Z info.. now SLEEP :)))
  37. You have the same problem I had with my Asus mobo. Look at your HT speed on cpuid. It should be 1000. For some reason mine was locked at 1x200 (1x front side bus speed), even tho I set it to 5x manually in the BIOS. A BIOS update fixed the problem for me. I'm not sure what caused the problem to begin with, but my score went from 6400 to 11800.
  38. I see you're right.. it should be 1000.. well it is possible that I got it just set like that by default.. May I try to change that SAFELY ?
  39. (Not sure if it affect the 3dMark but still it is something)
  40. I've visited the BIOS and

    1) HT link settings are only: Standard vs For Overclocking (so I switched to FO)

    2) I've wrote down the voltages:

    Vcore - 1.296V
    +3.3V - 3.312V
    +5.0V - 5.068V
    +12.0V - 12.144V
    +3VSB - 3.312V

    Hope this helps any further.. Any suggestion how to increase the HT link without using the bios (I've got the latest version already).

  41. Yes, you can try to change that in the BIOS. I'm not sure of where it would be with that chipset, but it's safe. And yes, it will have a large effect on 3Dmark and the overall feel of your computer, (even tho anything over 600 doesn't really seem to matter that much) especially if your running Vista. Really, I just went through the exact same issue, only I'm running the Nforce 590 chipset. That is why I think it's odd that your ATI chipset would have the same deal. Good luck

    P.S. I'm also thinking that my previous BIOS update may be what started my fiasco. I just never looked a cpuid until sometime well after I noticed my 3dmark score was low. I could also change the multiplier with Ntune in windows, but again, you have a different chipset. I don't know if there is any software for you mobo.
  42. The problem is that there are no settings in BIOS which seems to work..

    HT Link Speed : Standard - For Overclocking (just switch one or the other and any of these doesn't work.. still 200MHz in CPU-Z)

    HT Voltage: 1.2 (this can be changed but I'm not sure if and how this will affect the CPU.. don't wanna burn it down)

    The fun is that I found out after a year of using this computer.. :(
  43. Yup. It will definately affect your score. Try settin it in Bios.
  44. Try setting bios to default or optimized.
  45. Ok.. I'll try.. see you in a moment..
  46. Yes, and maybe even go so far as to reset the cmos. Especially if you are the one that put the most recent BIOS on yourself. I was told that a BIOS update is not truly complete until you do.
  47. So optimized bios is a no-no.. I've noticed that there's option in my BIOS (check the pictures) High Performance Mode.. which is always set to manual and it can be switched to optimized (but there's a warning for reliability so I never switched it). Can I go for it ?
  48. Btw. I found somewhere on the net that HT Link Speed - For Overclocking should do the x3 to HT but it was just someones suggestion and it didn't worked either.
  49. inglburt: I reset the CMOS already because I've got one of my RAM faulty when I bought the configuration (already exchanged). Moreover I didn't installed the BIOS it was preinstalled..

    I'm going to try default BIOS options now..
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