Testing of HDCP compatible monitors and video cards?

Hey there Toms Hardware community,

I just purchased a Dell 3008WFP monitor and it doesn't seem to support HDCP at any resolution above 1920x1080 over DVI-D. I've seen accounts on AVS forum that it doesn't support HDCP at all over DisplayPort even though it is advertised as such on Dell's website.

Does the Tom's hardware lab have the equipment to check out HDCP support of video cards and monitors over single and dual link DVI-D and Display Port?

Has anyone else in the community had issues getting HDCP dependent applications working with specific video cards and monitors?

I have an ATI Digital Cable Receiver and a BluRay player that both need this support to play content. I can get around the BluRay protection with AnyDVD, but I don't have any way of getting around the protection on the Digital Cable.
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  1. your lucky to get 1080. im having this problem on the 3007 witch is hdcp.
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