Vista crash - a black background with blue square dots everywhere?

Getting a blue screen on vista 3800+ and 3.4gb, video card related maybe but its a 4850 ati radeon 512mb .. idk AMD VISION control is upgraded to 12.8 but it still says 12.3 catalyst in the control panel. This just happened recently out of no where. Computer seems to be working now but it happened again yesterday when i was away. Any ideas? It will lock up and go to a black background with blue square dots everywhere.. one time it was 30pixles wide vertical blue lines spaced out 1"

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  1. That is usually a video card issue. What brand and model of power supply do you have? Could be an issue with the power supply if the card is not Try a different video card also and/or try your card in another computer.
  2. PS is a thermaltake 430W... its about 8months old. The odd thing is it does it just out of random.. and just recently. Did it again yesterday. I thought maybe is something like coming out of sleep mode or going into it, and when the video card has to kick back on it glitches like that... idk i turned the screen saver off and it just did it yesterday so idk. reset the video card.. i reset the ram and went ahead and tossed in a 512mb stick in the 4th slot for fun so 3.5gb ram now but chasing this down is not easy. Might happen around a scheduled check since its doing it what seems like when im away...
  3. well i put in my old x1800 and there was no problems with computer... I went ahead and uninstalled the 12.8 CC center from radeon or AMD ATi and i reinstalled the old 12.2 version from like March2012 and I have no issues. so... ya. beware of updates I guess. My 4850 Radeon seems to be working fine. Temps are at like 30C with max of 74C under pressure and I just keep the fan at 50% under the boost section of the catalyst control center. I had taken off the heat sink and used that cheap :( Dynex goo and re installed my heat sink but that didnt fix it... It was the driver or control panel down grade that worked.
  4. well it did it again... This time I read up on the issue more... I found our turning down the memory clock settings help.. so under the amd vision engine control center->performance->amd overdrive I set the GPU to 690mhz memory clock settings 795mhz and fan is at 53% seems to be working... hope this helps. Im running at 1920x1080 and overscan on 0% which needed adjusted under My digital flat panels->scaling options to get it to fit nice. But like I said this problem came out of no where it seems. I thinking of poping in a asus formula one 5750 from my work computer... my other computer has been running a x1800 forever so I always trusted ATi Radeon but im worried about this 4850. I will be going with a XFX HD-685A-ZCFC Radeon HD 6850 1GB 256-bit DDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 Heard the XFX stuff is really good and newegg had it for 120 so that works and I dont have video issues for a good year or two ha
  5. When you turn down the clock speeds, you are also lowering stress on the electronics and the power use. You should test the card in another system, if the same thing happens there, at stock speeds, there is an issue with the card. If it's OK there, try a different PSU.
  6. I have a new Thermaltake TR2 W0070RUC 430W ATX12V V2.2 Intel Core i7 Compliant Dual 80mm Fans Full Cable Sleevings Power Supply. It could be going bad.. i guess... but it seems the card has a issue or its a driver/software. Since AMD just released yet another 12.10 control center.. it seem their might have been a bug since they released so many versions in the last month. Who knows... will post if it happens again. I guess i will install the new control center and put the card back in high performance... then see what happens. Its working fine now it seems with the March2012 ccc and lower memory speed settings.
  7. A 430 watt psu is not going to give you the adequate excess power required for your rig, you are running at full watt capacity all of the time, better to get at least a 700 watt PSU considering that the GPU requires at least a 500 watt PSU.
  8. It wasnt under any stress at all, I put in a 5750 and have not had any issues.. not sure what to do with this 4850.. Ill try it in one of my other computer and see if the problem shows up on the xp or windows7 computers.
  9. On reconsideration, it could be that the monitor is past its use by date or the 4850 ATi GPu could have a burnt chip or it could be your motherboard PCI-E is only 1.0 x16 bus interdface.
    PCI Express 2.0 x16 bus interface
    256-bit GDDR3/4 memory interface memory interface
    Microsoft® DirectX® 10.1 support

    Sometimes it could be that the resolution is either set too high or too low to supprt the graphics card, it should be set to at a minimum of 1024 x 768 preferably a slightly higher setting though for LCD wide screen displays as against those LCD displays that are square shaped.

    Perhaps try the video card using a different display monitor like your TV, just to test that it isn't the monitor at fault.
  10. Quote:
    PS is a thermaltake 430W...

    You need a much beefier power supply. The 4850 specs call out 450W or better ( ).

    @TenPC: NO such thing as a "use by date" for monitors.
  11. ex_bubblehead said:
    PS is a thermaltake 430W...

    You need a much beefier power supply. The 4850 specs call out 450W or better ( ).

    @TenPC: NO such thing as a "use by date" for monitors.

    Many of the first-released LCD monitors had a life span of about 5 years. The first release LCD monitors were square shaped, not rectangular and many of them would not work on a resolution lower than 1024 x 768. Some newer model even have an on-screen message that says that you set the resolution to its maximim for optimal performance (then let the program or application determine its own resolution, thereafter).

    "Use by date" in quote marks is not meant to say that there is an actual "use by date" per se but that the monitor may have outlived its purpose to the extent that there may be issues with it. LCD monitors will not last for 20 years or more like the older crt monitors, they have their limitations.

    "The average life expecancy is 50,000 to 60,000 hrs of use. I don't think it matters if it is continous or intermittent. 8760 hrs in a year."
    (reference -
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