Age old question...Raid 0 ?failure?

I konw this question has been asked, but I am unable to find the exact information.

PSU blew/burned up!

Motherboard: Asus Striker 2 Extreme 680i failed. Half of the board is not working. CPU intialization failure. I have replaced everything but the board and memory, and it still hangs up on the CPU initialization.

I have no reason to believe my Raid 0 drives are corrupted.

Question: Am I able to install the drives in a new system and recover the data? I think my lack of knowledge comes from...Is the araid information in the controller or on the hard drives. If it is on the hard drives, it seems like one could just plug and play into another controller. I have read many posts saying "...start over...". Is this the case? I think there are some pictures on that drive I would like to save, but it will not be the end of the world if I lose them.

Please throw your 2 cents worth, or a buck fifty, or whatever you have!
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  1. I suggest you consult the sticky in this section, titled FAQ: Switching Storage Controllers w/o Reinstalling Windows
  2. Most probably you will have to reinstall. Raid arrays are dependent on the controller. A raid array created on an Nvidia controller will not be recognized on an Intel chipset.

    You could try and salvage your raid array but you must have the exact same raid controller on your new board and even then it is not guaranteed to work.

    Good luck !
  3. Thanks for the replies guys, but I have come to the conclusion I am unable to save that raid array. I will miss some of those pictures, but most of the stuff was backed up, thank goodness!!! Have a grateful day!
  4. There you go ! You just saved yourself from a couple of hours of headaches :lol:

    Glad to see you backed up most or your data. Anyone using raid0 should do this !!
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