Having a problem with a 6800 GT (AGP)

Recently replaced a 5200FX 128 MB RAM with a 6800 GT (AGP) 512 MB RAM.

Now I'm getting stringy and shredded looking graphics.

Stringy = Looks like someone chewed gum and stretched it out and stuck the other end to something, usually on the same object.

Shredded = Looks like some one folded a picture cut knotches in it then unfolded it.


Intel Pentium IV 2.0 GHz
768 MB RAM
Windows XP Home SP2

Games played:

Starwars Galaxies = Shredded and Stringy
Dungeons and Dragons Online = Shredded and Stringy
Starwars Battlefront = Shredded and Stringy
Guildwars = Runs as expected
Adjusted the graphics settings in game and no changes.

Steps taken:

Updated drivers
Checked connectors to see if they were connected properly and free of dust
Resetted Card

Not sure what else to try or if the card is no good.
Any ideas?
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  1. If your 100% sure the other components in your PC work fine then it sounds like a bad card.

    You may try underclocking the card to see if it improves the problems(then it definitly is the card)

    It sounds strange that Guildwars runs completely fine and your other games experiance problems.

    would it be possible to take a picture of the "shredded and stringy" problems? Little vague to me. Shredded sounds like artifacting, the stringy has me stumped. I'm assuming screen shots wont capture what happening.
  2. There is a big difference in power consumption between the 5200 and the 6800GT. Any chance your PSU is a low end POS and needs to get replaced? Perhaps the card just needs some more juice...
  3. Possibly, I think it's a 400w but I can't remember the name of it.
    The original was a 300w and burned out just after the warrenty expired.
    I bought a more powerful one thinking the extra power might make it last longer
  4. The P4 @ 2GHz is an older chip. So is the 3x256MB memory and the 5200. If the PSU is from the same era, then it might be failing as well. Assuming your new cards heatsink and fan is free from dust, and you don't have a cooling issue with it, power would be my next guess.
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