DVD drive not working right in Vista

I am have problems with Vista not picking up my dvd drive in my hp laptop and when it does it thinks it is a cd-rom.
I took the drive out and tested it in a laptop running XP and it worked just fine.
The bios is picking up the drive but when Vista starts to boot up the tray will not eject the drive will eject before Vista starts to boot up.
I have tried the registry edit of deleting the upper and lower filters and that did not help.
I then booted into safe mode uninstalled the dvd drive and IDE controllers and rebooted. Vista then detected my dvd drive but it thinks it is a cd-rom.
There are still sometimes when the computer is booted up that Vista is not picking up the dvd drive.
Please help!
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  1. Which DVD drive is this? Maybe you can try a firmware update of said drive?
  2. I guess you need to replace the drive.
  3. I will check the internet for a firmware update.
    If this don't work I guess I will have to do a system restore since the drive works in a laptop that is running XP.
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