Question on overclocking with an Unlocked Multiplier

Ok, i have recently entered the world over Overclocking (alot of stuff to learn). And im trying to overclock my AMD 64 FX-62 to x16 multiplier or 3.2ghz. Well stock for the AMD is x14 or 2.8 and i turned it up to x15 last night, so now im hanging around 3.0ghz. Well today, (after running orthos for 8hrs overnight to show stability) i tried to turn it up to x16 on the multiplier. However when i did this the system loaded but Windows Vista failed to load. Am i doing something wrong?

My CPu volt is stock at 1.4v while my ram (2048 MB (2 x 1024 DDR2-SDRAM ) is set to run at 334.9 mhz. So..... do i need to up voltage? or do i need to change the HTT speed? I want to get to 3.2 and stop...I have good cooling with an aftermarker heatsink, so i dont think heat would be an issue.
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  1. up the voltage on cpu or ram? Really dont want to touch the ram or anything.
  2. they're talking about the CPU...
  3. ok i upded to cpu voltage to 1.475 loaded but i got a blue screen when i was about to be sent to desktop. I looked at my setting under Bios and it shows... Current Setting 1.45v, while Cpu volts show 1.49 volts. Why are the two different? Do i need to lower the volts or higher to adviod blue screen.
  4. ok using Coretemp my idle cpu temps are 33-34c, under load (using orthos for 2/5min) my max reached 46-47c.
    this on 1.475v
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