help! cpu fan stuck on high speed!

I have a p35-DS3R mobo. I recently upgraded to F11 BIOS from F2, and now when i boot up, my CPU fan is stuck on its highest speed (which is extremely loud and getting kind of annoying). I looked in the CPU Fan control options in BIOS, and noticed that the "cpu control method' option was now gone. Im guessing it got ditched in the new bios. but this is obviously what was keeping my cpu fan on temperature control.

Any ideas on how to fix this? My specs:

gigabyte p35-ds3r
2GB Ram
250g HDD
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  1. recheck ur fan connections.. Might have got stuck in a wrong position, and also only plug it in the socket marked CPU fan... or else try system fan (u will need another fan to plug it in ur CPU fan or it wont boot).
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