X-Fi snap crackle and popping after updating to new bios. HELP!!!

I just installed the latest bios version (N5FD320) on my 680i LT and am now experiencing the "X-Fi Bug" (massive snap, crackle, and popping) when playing games. I am running the latest drivers for both my video cards and X-fi card. My system is not overclocked. Any help you guys can give is GREATLY appreciated! Please see my system specs below...

cpu: qx6700
motherboard: DFI 680i LT
RAM: 8gigs Muskin 4-4-4-12 800MHz
Video: 2x EVGA 8800GT (SLI)
Sound: Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum
OS:Vista Premium 64-Bit sp1
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  1. Try rolling back your X-fi card drivers to a older version
  2. johnhalsted said:
    Try rolling back your X-fi card drivers to a older version

    Not sure about that, you might give it a shot, but there is, on the other hand, a new (beta) driver that you might try as well on creative website, one specifically made for 64 bit Vista I think.

    But before that try following:
    1) disable onboard audio in bios
    2) disconnect any USB devices including wireless network adapters etc. It depends how USB was implemented but sometimes it hogs the PCI bus
    2) change PCI latency values (in BIOS)- experiment with either 16 and 64 or lower/higher syarting with the default 32. If there is no such option you can google for PCI latency timer tool.
    4) put the X-Fi card into a different PCI slot - if you can
    5) try that beta driver for X-Fi

    Good Luck
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