Trying to get E2220 from 2.4mhz to 3.2mhz?!

hi , im new here and also new doing overclocks...
after googling for some days , reading forums , guides , youtube movies etc, i've decided to take my cpu E2220 from his original speed to (my goal) 3.2mhz with original fan , just 2x 120m fans in the case box , 1 blowing in and the other out...

after all my research i used 1st the "OC Tuner" software that came with the board cd drivers.

1st attemp - (as a newby i am) i made the calcs: if it works 12x 200mhz = 2400mhz... i change to 12x 266mhz = 3200mhz... result= crash :whistle:

2nd attemp - i aimed to 3000mhz (12x 250mhz)... result it was stable with me doing nothing on it just OCTuner , CPUZ , and CORETEMP on, but when i tried to play f.e.a.r. 2 it crashed... :pt1cable:

3rd (last) attemp - 2900mhz (12x 242mhz)... this time i got stable (at least i think i did). results of this i screended: :ouch:

after 1hour doing nothing on it , just the control software on:

after 1 hour pushing it (maybe not the correct way...):

after that it was 4am i went to bed , but i let it on to see wat happens, and he was ok this morning with cpu temps around 20\22ºC

my question here is: can u help me trying to get my goal (3200mhz)? :ange:

P.S. - i saw a youtube video where they say the vcore voltage with this Mboard can not be changed... can someone confirm this too? :sol:

ty so very much for the help!!! :bounce:


inside the case there is:

CPU - Pentium D E2220 @ 2.4mhz (2.9mhz atm)
Board - Asrock G31M-GS
MEM - 2x 1gb DDR2 (800mhz) Kingston (with cooler)
HARD DISK - Seagate 320GB Sata II 16MB 7200rpm
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  1. Don't use any of that software like OC Tuner -- it causes problems. Just change your settings in the BIOS.
  2. well , i didnt use it to keep the oc , just to test it, after i see it was stable i did it in bios.

    but my problem is not that...

    how can i change the Vcore voltage on a Asrock G31M-GS motherboard???? :pt1cable:
  3. the cpu core voltage (vcore) is usually with the fsb settings. but since you have a g31 based mobo, target mostly at budget/business builds, i highly doubt you can change the vcore. firstly, set the memory divider to 1:1 so that the ram will run at the same frequency as the fsb. since you may have gotten the cpu stable at 242mhz, try at 233mhz and move upwards and test every overclock with prime95 (cpu stressing utility). continue like that until it becomes unstable, then just move back to your last stable oc. hope i didnt confuse...
  4. sry, as i sayd , im kinda newbie doing this things...
    i've been reading this last week , but i dont know how\where to change the memory divider... bios?

    and since i am at 242mhz , u sugest i go back to 233mhz and start testing till it is unstable?!

    wat if i start trying from 242 with prime 95?
  5. how long should a prime95 test take?
  6. you could start at 242, but usually a system seems stable but once you stress it, it becomes unstable. run prime95 for about 30mins or more using the large ftt(?) torture test. some use the small ftt test, but for me the large ftt shows errors faster. the memory divider should be with the cpu settings, if your board supports it. it may already run at 1:1 by default, download cpu-z and see if the memory runs at ddr2-484 (with the 242 fsb). if it does, the memory divider is correct.
  7. in bios mem is running at 402, i lvl under the 484 u said...

    i can manually change to 484 , should i do it?
  8. yes do that. a 1:1 divider gives the best performance and stability mix.
  9. ty ;) i've done it and passed prime95 tests for almost 2h with no errors
    at 12x240mhz (bios) even if cpuz says 12x235.1mhz with your mem settings ;)

    but i wanted more from the cpu... i cant cause my mobo (G31M-GS) doesnt aloud me to change the Vcore voltage... if you know anything about this, it would be great!!! ;)

    tkx again ;)
  10. well if i were you, i'd get a new mobo. a p35 or p45 based mobo would be best. asrock makes budget boards so the quality is kinda low, that'll explain the drop in fsb that you see in cpu-z. grabbing an 'kinda outdated' p35 based asus or gigabyte board will be the best (price, performance, features).
  11. i dont have much $ (or none atm) but soon as i get some , what one u sugest?
    (cheap or at least not so expensive)
  12. saw that most P35 mobos are phased out, so heres a list of P45 ones:

    ASUS P5Q SE/R LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
    $94.99 - Mail-In Rebate : $15.00 = $79.99

    ASUS P5Q SE PLUS LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard
    $96.99 - Mail-In Rebate : $15.00 = $81.99

    GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3L LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard

    GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DS3L LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard
    $99.99 - Mail-In Rebate : $15.00 = $84.99

    ** ok well, while i was busy typing this, i saw your windows arnt english. so im guessing you dont live in the usa.
    just use the list as a reference. these mobos are all very popular and very reliable. you could try a different brand like ecs, asrock (again), biostar, msi and dfi. ive heard good things about biostar's tforce range of mobos..but try and stay with a good name brand.

    here's one of biostar's tforce boards:
  13. i dont want dont waste much of your time , just one last thing:

    any specific thing i should care when looking for a new mobo?

    p.s. - u're correct , im on the other side of atlanic ocean , portugal :)

    tkx very much for your time and knowledge
  14. geez..well theres many things. make sure its quality and see if it has features that you might use in the future (make sure its compatible with 45nm core2 cpus incase you want to upgrade.)
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