New System Build - q6600, antec P182

Hey guys,
first time poster. I've put together a few builds but I need some advice on a new build. I'm mostly worried about how well it'll fit and work together. Here are the parts

1) Antec P182

2) Gigabyte Motherboard

3) EVGA 8800GT 512mb

4) Corsair 450VX

5) Intel Q6600

6) G.SKill PC1333 DDR3 Ram 2GB

7) Artic Cooler 7

8) Seagate 250GB 7200rpm SATA 3.0gb/s

I'm hoping that this will work out well. If any one has anything like this please post and let me know how it works. Thanks.
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  1. Looks solid. Have fun building it. Why DDR3? I would rather go with DDR2 and 4GB of ram.
  2. I guess I left out the OS. I plan on using Vista32 and the most I'd really be able to squeeze in is 3gb. I do some minor video converting/editing so I was hoping to get a speed increase with DDR3. I have been kind of up in the air about it though. From the reviews I have read elsewhere a lot of people have said they have seen a pretty good speed increase and were happy they made the switch. Any other input on this would be welcome.
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