CPU at 100% when i'm gaming

i currently am having trouble with gaming on my computer =[. its fine when i do other stuff like music/movie etc, but when i am gaming it my cpu usage goes up to 100% and my cpu temp keeps rising 80c+ and eventually shutdowns.

vista home premium 32bit
aspire xsuperalien atm case
gigabyte 570 sli mobo
amd x2 4600+ (amd stock cpu fan..i think this is the problem)
xfx 8600gt XXX 256mb sli(2)
ocz 2x1 ddr2 800 memory
g skill 2gb ddr2 800 memory
wd 250gb hardrive
rosewill 950watt psu
samsung dvd burner
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  1. Yeah, those temps are a problem. Clean the cooler, make sure the fan is working and try re-seating it to ensure it is making proper contact. Re-seating it will require you to clean off the old paste and apply new, keep that n mind.
  2. Sounds like your heat sink needs to be cleaned and cpu and new heatsink compound put on it.

    I like to use arctic silver 5 the white stuff just don't cut it.
  3. agreed, should never get that high at full load if properly seated, even with stock cooler.
  4. Kinda wonder if it's an airflow problem.

    But it seems to have allot of fans, if that is the correct case.

    Hard for me to say if it's the HSF since I have not done an AMD setup for a long while.
  5. Some games will run at 100% all the time. Civilization II is an example of this. There is not much you can do about that. With a strong sli setup, your cpu will have to work hard to keep the vga cards fed. Not much you can do about that without a cpu upgrade or overclocking.

    The two vga cards are generating lots of heat in your case, and the 80mm fans are not that good in pushing the hot air out of the case.

    What can you do?

    1) I agree with the previous posters that cleaning and reseating the stock heat sink may help. Particularly if it did not go on properly the first time.

    2) Is your wiring neat? If not, clean it up so you get a good unobstructed airflow from front to back.

    3) There are some good inexpensive cpu heat sinks on the market, and any of them will be an improvement. Look for one with a large tower and a 120mm fan that directs the hot air out the back of the case.

    4) At the expense of added noise, you could replace the 80mm fans with higher rpm models.

    5) To get the vga heat directly out of the case, consider replacing the stock coolers on the 8600GT with a Arctic cooling silencer 5. This cooler uses a second slot to send the hot air directly out of the case. The model has been discontinued, but it was cheap and very effective. I believe that it works with the 8600GT, even if it is not on the list of supported gpu's.

    ---good luck---
  6. I have 4200+ x2 CPU overclocked from 2.2 to 2.42 GHz and it nevers goes over 42C. But it is weak CPU and I do get constant 100% CPU usage in some games like NFS ProStreet but others like Stalker I can run at max settings and CPU is only 60-70%.
    At 80 C it is definatly overheating so do what others suggested to bring temps down. But even when not overheating it can run at 100% constantly in certain games.
  7. Lotsa good suggestions here about reducing heat. No doubt that cleaning and reseating the heat sink is a good place to start.

    I think the culprit may also be your video cards (as noted). Pull your side panel off and get to gaming - see if that helps keep your temps down.

    If so - I'd make a few bucks selling you 8600GTs and put the money toward a two-slot back-venting single card comparable to this 9600gt

  8. 1st thing to do is check if there any excessive dust on the fan/heatsink. If so clean that stuff off. Then if your wires are a mess fix that.

    If that doesnt cut it. 2nd Remove the heatsink and clean it and the cpu. Apply new(good) thermal grease. Make sure the cooler is installed properly.

    If its still to warm. 3rd. Buy a decent aftermarket cooler and repeat step 2.

    That should fix your temp problems and probally allow you to overlock a bit higher also if you choose.
  9. Quote:
    ..aspire xsuperalien atm case

    Does it expense cash?

    (Couldn't resist)
  10. my case has alot of wires and i don't even know how to get the front lcd temp monitor working so i use the easytune5 and nvmonitor to check my cpu and gpu temp. i tried using the vantec paste but still the same thing. i clean my computer weekly(no dust), my house temp is 71c and i have a pci slot fan in between the 2 video cards and 1 on the bottom. btw i had my case like 3 years ago :O. i think will go to Frys and pick me up a zalman cpu fan or the asus silent knight and one of the artic silver 5 paste and see whats gonna happen.. if same thing then i ma have to switch to intel quad =]
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