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I have a Viewsonic VA2226w flatscreen monitor and I am having a major problem with it. It's been driving me nuts for a few months now and I can't seem to find a solution. The card I am using with it is an ATI Radeon HD3650 512MB PCIE card. I know it is not the card because I do not have this issue if I connect a different model or brand monitor.

The problem is that if I either turn off the monitor power, try to log out to the welcome screen on Vista, or switch users, the monitor will not be able to re-acquire the signal. The signal light goes yellow and stays that way, with a no signal message. If it occurs, the only way to fix it is to blind cold boot the PC with the power switch.

As you can tell, this is a pretty major problem. I have turned off suspend and power saving in Vista with no luck. I use a DVI-I dual link cable, but it does the same thing with any cable I use. I do not have an old style VGA connector on my video card so I have to use DVI. But the monitor did the same thing when I hooked it up to my daughter's machine which does have a VGA connector.

I first thought it might have been a defective monitor so I RMAed it, but the replacement did exactly the same thing.

Any help appreciated.


I realize this subsection is supposed to be for graphics cards, but I can't find a subsection for monitor problems.
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  1. What is a DVI-DUAL Link cable that you are using.

    I have 2 viewsonic LCD display but don't have this type of issue. All of my PCs go the sleep mode when i stop. I don't shutdown or reset my PC unless something crash the system which rarely happen.

    I have 22 Inch Viewsonic using DVI to 9800 card with windows XT.
    I have a 20 Inch Viewsonic using DVI to my notebook with windows XT.
    I have a multimedia PC using DVI-to -HDMI 70 inch display(HDTV) with 8800GT running on vista ultimate-64.

    The above computers go to sleep mode and don't need re-powering of monitor when the computer restart (from sleep mode).

    My viewsonic monitor LED goes to yellow when the computer is on sleep mode. It turns green when the PC restart.

    Viewsonic normally comes with a driver on a CD. Try to install it and check if it will fix the problem.

    I have not use it(visionic display driver) but i don't have a problem with my viewsonic LCD display.


  2. Here's what I have exactly.

    AMD Phenom 9600 quad core CPU
    MSI K9A2 Platinum motherboard.
    4GB Micron memory
    ATI Rageon HD3650 PCIE video card.
    Creative Labs Soundblaster Audigy ZS sound card.
    Samsung DVD-RW (SATA II)
    2x Seagate 500GB SATA II hard drives
    1x Maxtor 500GB SATA II Hard Drive

    The monitor is a VA2226w widescreen from Viewsonic.

    The dual link cable allows for extra bandwidth for higher resolutions and faster response time. It is the cable Viewsonic recommends. You can use a single link cable but they said it may slow down monitor response.

    If I turn the power button on the monitor off (Like when I am about to turn in for the night), but leave the PC going (which I do because I have it rendering 3D models while I sleep.) When I turn the monitor power back on in the morning, the LED stays yellow and I get a no signal error even though the PC is still on. It's like the monitor simply can't re-acquire the signal. I end up having to force a shut down with the power button to get it to kick back in. The same thing happens if I try to log off to the welcome screen or switch users without shutting down. This is kind of a pain because I frequently have to switch to my admin account to do some things on the PC and I have to reboot twice to switch.

    The first VA2226w I had did this, so I RMAed it, but the replacement does exactly the same thing. My wifes Samsung 21" does not do this and it behaves normally when hooked up to my box. My Daughter's LG also works fine on my system.
  3. My monitor do exactly the same thing ! Its driving me crazy, i tried every thing that i know but nothing worked, no signal message keep popping and every time i have to restart my computer to get it back ! Its only do that when i play a full-screen game...

    HELP !!!
  4. Does anybody know the solution to this? My VA2226w also does this. If I put another monitor on the same PC, that monitor turns back on and acquires the signal just fine. I'm positive it's something with the VA2226W or a setting affecting that model. My PC is a Dell E510 with a RADEON X300 SE 128MB HyperMemory. Any ideas? I'm going on a year without turning my monitor off because of this problem.


  5. Same here, just got a new VP2650 and here you go. Anyone solved this issue?
  6. Mine did it with XP. It does NOT do it with Windows 7, 64 bit. My thought is that it may be a driver issue.
  7. It is definitely a driver issue for the va2226w.

    Viewsonic refuse to release a proper 64 bit driver for those versions of xp and vista, but aparrently not windows 7 (as is mentioned above).

    The fact that the drivers are actually third party and just endorsed by viewsonic is proof of that. Properly engineered drivers dont make you jump through hoops and have an elaborate install means like "click the cancel dialog and do XYZ steps", they should install neatly and through the windows driver install interface.

    I've tested the monitor under the following conditions:

    Primary monitor under xp 32bit:
    Works fine
    Secondary monitor under xp 32bit: Works fine

    Primary monitor under vista 64bit: Will occasionally power on for boot up, but will either not power up, or power up with many serious artefacts. Will also not recognise the resolution in some cases and default to 1024x764 (under generic monitor driver, since the proper driver will not install)

    Secondary monitor under vista 64bit:Will either not power on, or have serious graphical artefacts, then power off shortly afterwards (stuff like blue bars at the side of a black screen for vista log on)

    edit: apologies for the thread necro, i figure this info could help somehow.
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