Keyboard Failure In MB Menus

I just got a P31-DS3L and it posts just fine and the keyboard works in windows but if I try to enter Bios or Boot menu the keystroke is registered and I am taken to the menu. Once in the menu my keyboard stops receiving power. It is a wireless USB keyboard. Any ideas whats up?
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  1. I figured it out. For anyone else who might have the same problem here is the solution:

    To begin let me say that the only menu i tried to get into was the boot menu, f12. I never tried to get into the bios setup, DEL. Hit DEL the usb keyboard will work in this menu. Go down to integrated peripherals and hit enter. Go down to USB Keyboard and enable it. Now your USB keyboard will work in the other menus. Why gigabyte's default is to disable USB keyboards i do not know seems silly to me but its an easy fix.

    Hope this helped.
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