4GIGs DDR2 - 800 vs 2GIGs of DDR2-1066

I am building a budget gaming rig with:

Intel E8400 3GHz CPU
Asus P5K IP35 Motherboard
ATI Radeon 4870 GFx Card
Seagate Cavier 250GIG 16MB

and was wondering if there is any benefit to getting 2GIGs of 1066 RAM over 4GIGs of DDR 800

Is the perfomance worth the extra price?

and is there that much of a difference between "Major Brand" RAM and performance RAM such as Dominator/Kingston

I am from South Africa (so our pricing and stuff is different here)

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  1. Get 4 gigs - there is a tiny performance bump going from 800 to 1066, but a much larger bump going from 2 to 4 gigs.
  2. cob, remember that you only need your RAM to run at 1/2 the FSB datarate (i.e. DDR2-667 for a 1333MHz FSB), since the data has to go through the FSB as well and is limited by that bus. Thus, buying RAM rated faster than DDR2-800 usually doesn't help performance-wise.
  3. Thanx so much...Didnt know the half FSB rule...that really helps!
  4. 1066 is only worth it if your planning on going over a 2000fsb...which i think most people can agree is highly unlikely...but possible
  5. 4gb of course
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