low fps with 8800 gts 640mb

Hi I have got an xfx 8800 gts 640 mb graphics card. Im currently playing COD 2 and COD 4 and seem to be getting low fps with optimal settings. Does anyone know any reasons why this is happening. Im sure I have all up to date bios, drivers etc and have no overclocking.

My components
m2n sli deluxe mb
amd athlon 64 x2 4600
2 gb ram
600 watt psu
320 gb hdd
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  1. what resolution do you play?

    I'd be willing to be that your processor is bottlenecking it... if that is true then you'd need to upgrade your processor...

    sorry don't know much more than taht
  2. What are you calling "low fps"?
    Use FRAPS and get the FPS...if 60 or so the human eye can't tell it from 6,000 FPS.
  3. Do you have Vsync on?

    Some games running with Vsync may drop to 30fps when the rated fixed 60(this number depends on your screen most default to 60) and the card can not longer maintain it. Try with Vsync off and see if its any better.

    Running with Vsync off will also cause what is referred to as page tearing. some people are sensitive to this and will dislike it(others do not even see it). Also the frame rates will play more. so 300 in some places and 40 in others, this kind of fluctuation will also cause the feeling of slow down for some users.

    If you and no Vsync do not get along or you want to use Vsync, turn on triple buffering in the Nvidia control panel. It will use more video ram but may help to keep more constant frame rates.
  4. lower your antialiasing down to 2x and see if that helps. dont put on vsync
  5. Yeah i have Vsyc off, and have tried antialiasing 2x and off etc. What i mean by low fps is in dx9 minimal settings i get around 80 fps, in dx 7 about 125 but not static. Im comparing this to people i have spoken to with same graphics card but are getting 4 times the fps i am, and their components are lower spec than mine.
  6. I think you're not getting low fps! 80 is pretty damn good to me. COD 2 isn't that well optimized in DX9 (at least from my experiences), and 125 is probably the cap for the game. If you can get 80 fps in COD 4 too, you have nothing to complain about.

    BTW, what are your FPS with high settings? Did you try that yet?
  7. Yea fps with high settings is like 30 fps in cod2 dx9. Cod 4 high settings is like 30 fps which isnt good. Thing is this graphics card for others is performing better in high resolution ans settings, than mine on low settings. Maybe Im expecting too much from this graphics card but I though it should play cod4 high settings with more than 30 fps :S.
  8. yeah thats pretty low... I have the same card and I'm getting around 70 - 100 fps at 1920 by 1200 everything maxed w/ 4 AA and max antistropic filtering...

    so yeah thats really really low...

    I'm still thinking that your processor could be bottlenecking it...

    anyway you still didn't answer the first question, what resolution do you play at?
  9. Im using 1024 x 769.
  10. Have you tried downloading the latest drivers?

    I have the same card as you and experienced low fps on inferno on cs:s, got the new drivers and fixed the problem
  11. at that res... you should be maxing everything out... and still have over a 100 fps...

    I agree with choongi... at that res it is either definitely your drivers... or definitely your processor... if you were to get a core 2 duo... you might see a very high % increase...

    as stupid as this sounds... GFX cards don't really use everything they have at the lower resolutions... I had maybe 40 fps in crysis at 1280 by 1024... then I moved up to 1920 by 1200... and had maybe 25 fps... thats a 37.5 % decrease in frames... but the actual percentage of new pixels is 56 8/9 %... so the curve gets shallower the higher the resolution... thats why it is so much more gpu based at higher resolution... because at lower resolution the gpu can only do so much while the processor is still doing stuff

    if I got any of that wrong please let me know... sorry if it's a little hard to understand
  12. heres my 2 cents.
    What are you case, cpu and gpu temps? those numbers are very low and if all the SW stuff is set properly then you may have a bad or blocked fan or just not enough cooling in the first place which will cause the cpu and or gpu to throttle back to save itself from damage. Also do you have that gpu on a dedicated 12v rail.....I havr that card too and when I first built that rig I had a couple items on that rail and it did not perform as well till segregatted it to a 12v rail of its own.

    goo dluck
  13. People are insane if they think a processor can bottleneck this game this much. This game is nothing, period COD2. The graphics card would be the last thing to slow it down, and the cpu requirements? The cpu the OP has is one of the best you could buy when this game came out. And so is his card, better even. Theres another problem here
  14. Overclock that thing. I have mine at 640/1500/2000 up from the default of 513/1188/1534. Makes a hell of a difference.
  15. Jaydee, if you're going to make this much sense someone is going to get hurt. Last thing we need is people dying of brain hemorrhages because they decided to use a little reasoning mixed in with some COMMON SENSE! :D lol, Just my 2 cents. COD2 is old, his hardware is new, i played the game when it came out on an old Celeron 2.4, 512mb ram, and Intel onboard...IGP. Which might have scored 2-3k on 3DMark 2001SE. Something is messed up, check your drivers, make sure the newest one is installed and old one uninstalled if you had a previous card. the CPU and GPU should be -more- than plenty for that old game.
  16. I'd say something is off here... My alt rig is an old socket 939 Atlon64 (Single Core) at 2.4Ghz along with a Radeon X1900XT and 1GB of RAM, and that machine tears through COD4 maxed settings at 1280x1024. In all regards all of those specs are lesser than a 8800GTS 640 with a newer AMD cpu.
  17. Hi thanks for your replys I am using latest video drivers, my temps are fairly low my graphics card temp is 56, and cpu 60 and internal temp of 35 according to speed fan. I had my cpu tested becuase i thought it was faulty when i braught it, for some reason i get 80 - 100 cpu usage when on cod2, and cod4 around 50. They sent it back saying it passed all crysis bechmarks or summin like that. liars:S
  18. 60 is hot for a cpu. Is that under load as well? Do you have the AMD dual core optimizer downloaded?
  19. Yes I have the amd dual core optimizer downloaded.
  20. 60 is with nothing running also just interent explorer.
  21. whoa thats hot
    I think its downclocking because of heat
  22. Check to make sure your HSF is clean and installed correctly. Pull the side off your rig and try using a fan directly into the case, trying to cool it down. Thats just too hot.
  23. When you game, it puts one of the highest loads on a system around. Both the cpu and the gpu get maxxed at times, as well as the HDD. The heat coming from al this eventually adds up inside your case, so even if your cpu does ok during routine stuff like surfing, when you game itll spike. When the cpu gets too hot itll throttle down, preventing it from damaging itself
  24. Ok I did what you said left a big fan on with side of my case off, and still no change, I think i need some other software to see cpu temps cos the software i use always say 60.
  25. Checked temps in my bios and the read cpu 40 - 45 and mb 32.
  26. even at those temps in bios, thats about 10 degrees too hot. Should be around 30 to 38
  27. Ive had a Opteron 185, running at normal clocks, and it read 32 in bios. Consistantly. Check to see how clean everything is, your hsf especially. How much paste did you use when installing it? Is the hsf seated properly?
  28. Try downloading core temp
  29. With this software im getting about 32 on each core
  30. If your bios is reading 40+ id stick with that, as bios is usually much more acurate.
  31. exactly... AS I SAID ITS PROCESSOR BASED!!!

    in your face....

    anyway... yeah processor is probably underclocking itself so that it can minimize heat do to the already high idle temperature
  32. I was refering to the cpu being capable of playing the game, and not being a severe bottleneck, and if thats still the way you feel, youre wrong. Others had said as much as you did as well. I didnt say it wasnt processor based, what I said was, something else OTHER than a bottleneck was wrong
  33. So you guys are thinking is processor based problem. Maybe ill buy a new cpu but what is better for gaming quad or dual core ?
  34. well I like arguing and getting flamed =D it's fun seeing peeps reactions...

    you probably don't need a new processor... but if you upgraded you'd definitely see improvements...

    for today... a dual core gives about the same performance in games compared to a quad core... but quad core will give so much of an advantage in about a year... and since quads are now only about 50 $ more then good duals... i'd go for a quad... maybe a q9300 or a q6600, or if you wanna splurge and go for 12 mb l2 cache pay a little more and get a q9450
  35. thinking about getting this cpu, AMD Phenom™ 9850 Black Edition, Agena Core, Socket AM2+, 2.5GHz, HT 2000MHz, 4MB Cache. Is it good or not?
  36. I think im stuck with amd becuase of the motherboard i have.
  37. your motherboard doesn't support the phenoms... sorry forgot about motherboard compatibility...

    well if you are willing to do a motherboard exchange then i'd recommend

    as expensive as this might get... you could really increase performance if you got a good mobo such as http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813188026 this will allow you to overclock the processor http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115043

    past 3 ghz easy and then a good cooling solution would be http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835233003

    which would put you at about 500 $... I know tahts a lot and probably isn't necessary... but I think you'd see drastic improvements in performance... you could also get a better monitor...

    now that I basically built a new pc...

    I'd suggest that you just try tweaking bios settings for your processor... cause for a massive improvement at your resolution, i'm not sure it's worth the 500 $ it would take
  38. Ok thanks all for your posts, I think ill try another cpu, if not ill start from srcatch and build new computer lol.
  39. u can get a decent dual core and mobo- my alt rig is an e6700 was eating those things up be fore i scored the q6700, and i concur that quad does nothing not but I see about a year out they will start to see utuilization. ....so yes the 8800 640 with an e6700 played those games Maxxed out....and a 100ish$ asus MB.
    good luck though....either tweak it or start parts shoppin...YAY...(sorta)((feeding the tech habit))

  40. reinstall windows, clean your cpu and heatsink, get new thermal paste and make sure all old thermal paste is gone. Make sure you have an exhaust fan for your PC.

    A platform upgrade will more than likely improve your performance but simply reinstalling software and cleaning your PC will probably make a dramatic difference; if your only alternative is a platform upgrade than i'd suggest trying software/maintenance first.

    Your problem is almost certainly not processor speed but poor thermals and a clogged up windows.
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