New CPU cooler same core temps under 100% load


I have recently overclocked my e6600 to 3ghz with the settings 9x 333mhz.

I ran prime95 with the stock cooler and the core temps maxed out at 68~69c.

I thought this was a little high so I bought another CPU cooler a Gigabyte Volar.

I ran prime95 again and the core temps sat at the same temps around 68~69c.

Should the new cooler have atleast droped the temps even by a little, or are the core temps always goign to reach these temps under 100% load?

Also while playing games the temp sit at around 56c for both cores should i not be worried with these temps?

at idle the cores are at 40c and the cpu temp sits at 28c, the room temp is around 30c atm if that helps any.
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  1. Simple test:

    Remove the side of your case, blow a box fan into it and rerun tests to see what your temps are. If you see differences in temps, you have poor airflow. If not, you have incorrectly installed the heatsink.
  2. You tepms are good considering that you have room temperature 30C
  3. Try cooling your ambient temperatures. 30C is roughly 86F. That seems a bit hot.
  4. cool thanks for the replies,

    my case has a 120mm exhaust fan on the back also a 120mm exhaust fan on the bottom of the power supply which blows out the back of its self, there is an 80mm intake on the side and a 120mm intake on the front.

    im sure i have applied the thermal paste properly a very thin layer smoothed with a bank card.
    and the heatsink is very secure.

    its another hot day about 30c atm i might put the AC on when i get home and retest it, also it may be helpfull to let the paste set in properly before i get better readings.
  5. Quote:
    Yes it should have lowered your temps, if you installed it correctly. Also it needs a break in period to evenly melt the thermal paste before you see any temps decrease. This means getting hot, cooling down, getting hot again, and cooling down cycles.

    You dont need to be concerned with idle temps only load temps. 56c is fine, 68-69 is too high. I idle high at 45c, but my 100% load temps stay under 55c.
    Something is definately wrong. Do you have sufficient intake and exhaust for your case? I mean if the inside temp of the case if very high, then the cpu cooler wont be able to cool your cpu.

    Well I just got home from work and took off my cooler to just double check that i had installed it correctly, well it turns out I still hate the new plastic plugs for cpu coolers, it wasn't touching half of the cpu even though it was very secure on the motherboard, lucky it still kept it at the same temp as the stock cooler did.

    I ran Prime95 torture test max heat once again and the core temps stayed at 52c at 100% load, also the room temp is 32C atm damm Summer...
    after i ran it for 30 mins and stopped it the core temps have droped back to 36c.

    I might turn the AirConditioner on and test it again with a room temp around 20C.

    Thanks for the help and reminding me to double check the cooler!!
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