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Okay, i have a brand new sweet HP Touchsmart Tablet PC, and i am planning on taking notes on this tablet and i want it to somehow when plugged into my custom built desktop with 3 HDD's, a 320GB, a 80GB (both slaves for extra space but empty atm) and a 1TB drive to somehow backup my notes. Sry if thats a little confusing. Basically i want my tablet to backup files to my notebook via LAN or a Wired connections somehow. Idk if this is possible, but it would help me out alot, thanks for your input.
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  1. If you want to use a wired LAN connection you could use a cross-over cable to directly connect the two units.
  2. Is there a program for backing up files with 2 computers useing a cross-over cable?
  3. If you are just "copying" files from one computer to the other you can just copy and paste.
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