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I have just purchased another Thecus N7700 to stackable with my existing one. I am in the process
of building new RAID arrary. the N7700 currently supports 3 different file systems, ext3,ZFS and XFS.

My question is, what is the best file system to use? what is the difference between the 3 file system and
the advantage and disadvantagies of each file system.

Any help appreciated
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  1. I'm too lazy to key-in an explanation on the pros and cons of each of those file systems, but in short XFS is the one to choose. What is "best" is also subjective and determined on your use and preferences.

    Google is your friend. Research and learn.
  2. Agree with chunkymonster, it depends on your use and preferences. Basically the selectable file systems allow ur NAS unit to adapt to all types of networks. But if you want volume snapshots, you must use ZFS.
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