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Guys, I just OCed my EVGA GTX260 Core-216 from a stock 575/1250/2000 to 750/1500/2400. I ran 3dmark vantage high settings 5 times in a row, and passed everytime. I installed and played farcry2,fallout3,oblivion,sacred angel 2, etc etc, all without atrifacting or crashing problems. however, when I play eve-online, (played for 3 years) my system crashs and shuts down. This only occurs when playing eve-online.

because of the good stability with everything else, it almost feels like i'm really close to a stable OC, but maybe just a tad over? How can I check the stability of the videocard OC without doing anything I have already done?

Also, How can I check for stability of the indvidual clocks, like if my gpu is good but memory is not? I don't wish to lower all the clocks to rule out 1.
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  1. ATI Tool which works for both ATI and Nvidia cards

    It can be downloaded here:

    You can use it to test stability for GPUs and it can also scan for artifacts.

    To check each individual clock, set the other clocks to default and test that specific OC.
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