Wifi interference - any workaround?

I've had this annoying popping noise in my speakers for 3 years, from wireless interference. I've finally managed to track it down to my Altec Lansing VS2321's speakers being poorly shielded :( Altec support aren't responding. Apart from new speakers, is there anything I can do? Anti-interference antenna, for example? I considered over-the-mains networking but it's too expensive. Thanks in advance.
(btw, my card is a Netgear WG311v3 54mbps, horrible little thing :sarcastic: )
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  1. Have you tried using the speakers with the computer turned off -- say just plugging an MP3 player into them (or nothing) and see if the interference persists.

    I'd be surprised if the Netgear is causing problems with a normally operating speaker designed for computer use, but a dry solder joint in the Altec's amplifier could pick up local cab company or emergency services (and maybe 802.11 frequencies too).
  2. Have you tried a different channel on the router?
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