New to Overclocking...

Hi guys, I'd appreciate your help on an issue I'm having.

I'm completely new to overclocking but I would like to beef up my processing power in time for Empire Total War, which I plan to get. However, I don't feel confident adjusting Bios settings and that kind of stuff, so I've been researching other options. I've found that one can overclock their CPU through the Nvidia Control Panel and it seems as though it is very easy and simple (which is what I like :D ) I just wanted to check with you more knowledgeable guys that there aren't any negative aspects or flaws using this method. Or perhaps you can suggest a better, similar option? I've heard of Rivatuner for video cards, is there an equivalent for CPU's?


P.S I am using a Dell 630i motherboard. I've heard that they can overclock but that the Bios is a bit dodgy... Can anyone give any more insight into this?
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  1. Unfortunately for you, large manufactuers such as Dell, HP, Gateway, all lock their bios's. In otherwords, you can not overclock the processor because they have disabled the option, even if you're using software to achieve your overclock.

    The solution would be to purchase a new motherboard.
  2. Thanks for the reply, but the newer 630i (the one I have) does allow overclocking...
  3. do u have the option yo change vcore voltage?
  4. In Nvidia Control Panel? Yes you can. It is currently set at 1.25V (default).
  5. it is generally a bad idea to overclock through any windows apps or control panels of any kind, i would seriously sugget you familiarise yourself with the BIOS and do it that way.

    To start with, make sure you have a decent cooler, then just try uping the FSB (only a little). This should give you a boost in power with minimal temp increase.

    What is your current FSB? you can find all this stuff out in CPUz:
  6. yes like he said bios controls
    do u have vcontrol voltage option at bios?

    if not , it will not give u much overclock...

    like me :(
  7. Ok - As peaks said, why overclock using windows when the bios is a sure thing. It doesnt look user friendly, but it is.

    wally_veira : What are you going on about vcontrol voltage option ? I dont think increasing any voltage at this point is necessary....
  8. With a late model Intel CPU, you should be able increase the FSB by 20% without increasing the vcore. Will the motherboard and memory tolerate that? Who knows.
  9. jean: at this point maybe its useless, i asked just to know how far could he possably go...
  10. Advice:
    Search for the processor you want to overclock.
    Find the Overclock guide for that processor.
    Print it
    Go to bios
    Everything of bios that you dont understand = lookup.
    If your smart you do that before you start changing things at random:)
    Goodluck mate
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