Computer will not start after bad weather.

I recently built a computer out old parts from other computers for my brother. Some bad weather came through yesterday and I did not home in time to make sure that everything was shutdown properly. My brother was home and I told him to shut it down immediately and he told me that before the computer was completely shutdown there was some bad lightning and then the power went out.

Any ideas on what might be the problem? My assumption is that it is the power supply. The computer does not get any power no matter what I try.

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  1. I've had lightening take out a PSU. I never turn stuff off when theres storms. The one that went was an old cheap PSU. Just replaced it and all was good to go.
  2. LOL @ loljone.....there was no good information in that post at all.

    You probably just fried the power supply. My friends computer got cooked by a lightning storm once, it was plugged into a power strip with an ungrounded outlet, everything else in the computer was fine though.

    If anything else in the computer is cooked besides the power supply, you must have had a mighty nasty lightning storm.
  3. LOl bad lighting I never turn off my PC when there is storm outside lol, but thats only because there isn't much to do around when there is a bad weather lol. So my PC is the one thing that stays on lol. It sound like PSU.
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