Trying to figure out how much power I'll need for CF'd HD 4870s

"...With two 4850s paired up in CrossFire, we once again ran into issues with our power supply. Our 1000W OCZ EliteXStream wasn't always enough for the dual-GPU setup and in Call of Duty 4 our system rebooted in the middle of our test at 2560 x 1600. Thankfully OCZ sent us a PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool 1200W unit that is certified for use with GeForce GTX 280 SLI, and if it works on that beast, it had better work with a pair of 4850s in CrossFire.

The PCP&C unit is quite loud as we mentioned in our review, but it got the job done, we were able to run all of our benchmarks without a hiccup after swapping power supplies. Despite AMD's small-GPU strategy, power consumption on multi-GPU configurations is still just as much of a problem as it is for NVIDIA...."

If 4850s can't be handled with a 1000W PSU, I'm afraid that my 750W PC Power & Cooling PSU I'm looking at will have some serious troubles handling two HD 4870s in Crossfire configuration. I figure that if 750 watts won't be enough to power them, I could probably bump my system up to a Corsair 1000W modular power supply, but that would also cost me an extra $75. Hmm... A dilemma. I know PC P&C make some seriously nice PSUs, but is their 750W Silencer enough for two HD 4870s along with likely a Q9450, a few hard drives, and other miscellaneous components?

Thanks for the advice.
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  1. nerr said:

    "..we once again ran into issues with our power supply.."

    No where did Anandtech actually say that a 1000W PSU couldnt handle a couple 4850 GPUs. They just said the OCZ 1000W PSU they were using had "issues"
    A PC P&C 750 should be plenty for what you want.
  2. The guys over at used a Thermaltake ToughPower QFan 650W PSU to do their 4850 CF testing.
  3. Yes I believe its on the PSU problem they use

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