Micro atx board fit in this case?

Will a micro atx motherboard be compatible / fit in a

The reason i ask is because under motherboard compatibility it lists : ATX and not ATX / m-ATX that you would expect if micro was compatible with this case.

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  1. Well, the manufacturer's site lists ATX or smaller. I can't tell if there are mounting holes for a mATX board though. Someone here have one?
  2. I don't own one so don't know for sure, but looking at the pics on newegg, it appears to have mounting holes everywhere. Most ATX cases support mAtx but i don't know for sure.
  3. Yes. All micro atx boards should work in the raidmax atx case. The form factor refers to the hole placement so that the backplate area is positioned properly in the case. You may have to move/remove some of the standoffs. Not all holes in the board have to be used for the board to work. I've gotten by with as few as 4-5. Just be sure to remove any standoffs that touch the board and not the mounting holes.
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