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I just put 1 8800GT in a new computer. The retailer was PALiT, whom over clocked it to 650mhz. My question is, do I need to install both the Palit drivers and Nvidia drivers? Also, do I need to mess with the voltages on the pic-e slot, or something related to that, in order to compensate for the over clocked card? Thanks

I am getting the blue screen whenever I try to use WMP (winamp works fine) or run a game. Using Vista 64, 780i mobo, 2gb ddr2 800, 1 palit 8800gt, amd q6600.
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  1. It doesn't matter, the drivers are all exactly the same. Just go to Nvidia and download the latest 64 bit drivers for a 8800GT.
    I'll say the same thing here that I say over and over....
    Take the Palit card back, tell them it blue screens because it gets too hot.
    For about the same money, pick up a FASTER 8800GTS 512, which also has much better cooling.
    Interesting, the problem could be your AMD Q6600........
  2. Thanks for the advice; I figured it out, though. I did just install the drivers off of the nVidia site, PALiT must have an older version on their site, given there is a 10mb file difference. The nVidia drivers worked great, blue screen has been depressed into the dungeons once again, hiding to surprise me once again in the future. Thanks anyways though! For the record, q6600 is an intel processor. Peace!
  3. Good deal....and good gaming!
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