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Okay, I have a q6600 on a Gateway that is not overclockable via BIOS. I tried via software, but once I get it to 2.5ghz, the system freezes and I have to unplug my power supply to get it to properly reboot.

This has lead me to want to just scrap what I have and buy a new system. I am thinking about the following:

Q9450 (Or should I just pull the Q6600 from my current system? Any arguments against the Q9450? Don't want to go any higher or to Extreme edition. Q9450 or below, unless theres some sort of stellar deal.)

4 Gigs of OCZ Reaper DDR2 800s (2x2gig sticks)

8800GT 512mb (Thinking about doing either SLI with it, or buying a 9800GTX. Was also wondering what clock I'd have to reach on my CPU to avoid bottlenecking in SLI)

(open to suggestions on HDD setup)

Thermaltake Armor Case (Also Open to suggestions. Plan on OCing heavily and want good air cooling. How many extra fans would I need to buy and where?)

Not sure on PSU, was thinking one by OCZ, maybe a 800W unit. Will that be enough to OC and run 8800GT in SLI?

What am I forgetting? Oh, the mobo. I was gonna go with a 780i mobo. Not set on any particular brand. Still open to suggestions. I want to be able to do SLI on my 8800GT. Sucks that the Nehalem comes out at the end of the year....
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  1. Well, are you overclocking for grins, or because performance in something is just not good enough? If the former, perhaps you can tough it out until Nehalem is out. You can buy one, because it's the latest and greatest, or probably get much better prices on "old" 775 tech, which should still be viable for a long time.
  2. What plans did you have for system? Gaming? Video editing? Encoding? Checking your email? Or just for plain ol' braggin rights?
  3. All I'll be using it for is word documents, I hear the graphics cards help it render graphs quicker......

    Kidding, kidding. I am a gamer. I am upgrading for Age of Conan and Crysis. I want something that doesn't seem to be having quality issues. I've rid my computer of as much bloat ware as I can find, virus scanned, defragged HDD, Spyware Removal, Registry Cleaner, latest drivers.....Still isn't performing on par with others of its league.

    I want to run my games with High resolution textures around 1280 or 1680x1050 (prefered 1680x1050).

    My budget it is about 1600 bucks right, roughly. I already have the Ram and 1 8800GT 512mb card, and I can rip the HDD from the gateway into the new one. From what I understand, HDD only really effects load times cause onces its in RAM, thats what you're pulling from.
  4. dont go for a CPU upgrade, its not worth upgrading from a Q6600 to a Q9450..
    change your MoBo and OC the hell out of it!

    as for the PSU a Corsair 600~650W should do great
  5. no real need to change cpu's, oc the q6600 to 3.2-3.6 and she's good to go. I'd just pick up an SLI board and get a second 8800GT. get a bigger hd if you need the storage; otherwise, don't bother. give me the rest of the money.
  6. the Antec 900 cases has a lot of fans and enough space for two 8800gt's
    well i'm did some research and decided that the tagan BZ 700watt would more than suite my needs to sli two 8800gt's.
    you might as well rip that q6600 of your gateway and pop that in to save you some cash cus that quadcore is still very powerful.
    i bought the EVGA 780i sli, trust me the 780i sli is future proofed.
    oh yeah the Antec 900 case has 5 12cm fans and a 20cm top exhaust fan...
    upon reading tomsguide they did say 2 8800gt's perform just as good as a 9800gtx or better...
  7. Ok, so Antec 900 over the Thermaltake Armor? What about the New Antec 1200?

    Is it my mobo that is keeping me from software OCing the Q6600 past 2.5ghz? I use clockgen for it and it freezes up at 2.5ghz, and like I said, I have to pull the power to get the thing to reboot through doing a system reset.

    I am hoping thats the case, I'd love to save some cash on my system and just swap out the components and add in SLI cardage.

    If that is indeed the 'case' (pun intended) with my system, then should I just invest in a better Monitor for when I do my 8800GT SLI setup. Current one has issues with its DVI port and wont go about 1680x1050.

    Also, what sort of CPU cooler do you recomend? Theres a stock one on it. Should I invest in a good one and will it really allow headroom as far as OCing?
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  9. Another question, I am concerned over the reports of 7xxi series Nvidia boards having corruption. How widespread is this? Should I consider a 680i?

    I was planning on using SLI with my current 8800gt, and you need an nforce board to pull it off. Any suggestions?

    I do appreciate insight and replies. Please do help.
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