radeon x1900xt artifact problem

i have read many a thread about this topic ..
i am having artifacts with my radeon x1900 xt...
now like i said ive read a lot about the problem and i know the temps are the problem because idle is 46 and on full load the maximum it gets is 80c.. though usually it is around 72..
i use ati tool .. and as for the voltage regulators idle is 59c and full load pretty much the same as gpu temps..
from what i understand those temps should be just fine..
so this narrows it down to two options (again from what i read)
that either my vid card is breathing its last breath..
or something is up with the psu or the amperage my card is getting
now i bought i a new corsair vx500w psu with 42A on the 12v rail.. should be enough
what i noticed while playing games is that my gpu current draw is sometimes around 15A and sometimes around 27A
(idle it is 5.5A)
can this possibly mean that the amperage it gets is a bit unstable? or is it just because during heavier loads it just gets more As..

my question is how can i control the amount of amperage my vid card gets under load..
will going in atitool->settings> voltage control-> and raising the vgpu do any good?

please advise..
again there is a possibility my vid card is done.. since ive had it since it came out nearly 2 years ago.. and part of the time i had it running with a nameless 350W PSU which could have caused irreversible damage...

thanks for any help :)
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  1. I had the same vido card it to developed artifacting problems. Your best bet is to contact the maker and see if they know a soultion but to honest when a card starts to artifact there not a lot your can do, I suspect the VRAM is broken.
  2. thats what im afraid of...
    how will the card die?.. considering im gonna keep using it until it does
  3. shakazulu89 said:
    thats what im afraid of...
    how will the card die?.. considering im gonna keep using it until it does

    Well the artifacting issues gradually got worse and worse, I ended up contacting Shappire for help, it was during the support stage I messed by trying to flash the Video cards own BIOS and I screwed it up badly and the card didn't even want to disply a picture any more.

    Personally I think the issues is two fold.

    1) Heat. The X1900Xt produced a lot of heat which as we know is bad for electronics, since the standard cooler was noisy I used a third HSF (Arctic Accelro (SP?) X2) from new. The card was fine for about a year then I started to notice some dots appearing in Oblivion, I didn't pay much attention to it. As the problem got worse I tried to clear the HSF of all the dust that it had collected (you could try the same), this help for a while but the artifacting soon same back.

    2) Poor quality parts. For as hot as that video gets gets the heat shouldn't have caused the VRAM to malfunction, this is down to ATI's partner TSMI or whatever their called (they make the actual board). My experience has put me off getting another ATI card for the foreseeable future.
  4. I've heard of the x1900's getting artifact issues as the memory starts to degrade. Contact the manufacturer and see what warranty the card has. If you are running it stock as you always have been and all of a sudden has issues, it is a card issue. Alot of cards have lifetime warranties and you can have it replaced if it goes bad. Alot of people forget this.
  5. Same thing happened with my X1900XT after about a year of use.
    It started out as minor artifacting, barely noticeable, thought it was a heat problem so I got an aftermarket cooler but that didn't help, and then it just got worse from there.
    I have it now in an older PC, and it can barely manage to draw light 3D for 5 minutes before it crashes and VPU recovery kicks in.
    Even in 2D, small artifact dots are visible now, and they're even more prominent in video.

    So yeah, if it's still under warranty, try contacting the manufacturer to replace it. If it's not, you should start saving up for a new one because your card is most likely dying.

    OK, card is officially declared dead here.
    All of a sudden this morning it kept crashing and losing signal all the time without any sort of load on the GPU. When I got the card out of the PC, I noticed one of the resistors on the back of the card starting to fall off! You'd think a high end card which cost $300-$400 --at the time-- would have high quality parts instead of what seems like cheap crap falling apart by itself!

    I'll probably be getting a 9600GSO/8800GS to replace it.
  6. that sounds horrible heh

    very anoying for me because in 3 months i was gonna sell my pc and get a laptop and give gaming a break.. i just hope my card will survive a couple more months...
  7. I say call the manufacturer or look at their website, if its under warranty it's worth getting replaced. Some companies do not have those cards on hand and they need to replace it with an "updated" model. I know some people who have had their 7600GT go bad and the company replaced it with a 8600GT. It's worth a shot even if you dont use it sell it to someone.

    What brand card is it?
  8. original ati unfortunately.. warranty has expired
  9. Those ATI originals suck with warranties. Sapphire is my choice mine had a lifetime warranty. Ehh you may need to start looking at a replacement. The jump from my x1900xtx to the 8800GTS was a nice change for me, I knew the PSU could handle the new card easily and have enough room in the case. Threw it in there and it ran like a champ. It might be time man.
  10. b/c mike rowe said so!
  11. FrozenGpu said:
    b/c mike rowe said so!


    by the way that avatar would look so funny if the kitten was in a Chinese takout box. haha
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