Building new multimedia/gaming PC, need advise

Hello everyone, I am planning to build a new multimedia/gaming PC with around CAN$1500 budget. Please help me take a look of it.
I will use it for computer games, connect to HDTV for movies, hope to keep it for at least 2 yrs.
Will use Vista 64.

New Revised systems specs posted below on "thread #7". Thanks!
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  1. Power supply is overkill and the motherboard is outdated now. Drop the power supply to something like a Corsair VX450 or a VX550 if you want SLI. For the motherboard if you don't need SLI go with a Giga-Byte P35-DS3 series board or an Abit IP35 series board as they offer much better value then the SLI motherboards. If you feel like you really want SLI then an Asus P5N-D is on a newer chipset and can usually be found cheaper then the P5N32-E SLI while still providing a good SLI platform.
  2. What shop are you buying this from? Just curious.

    Few changes I would make along the lines of Gravemind, but going further.

    Look at this system in the prebuild category:
    Memory Express E8400 system

    If you are going to build it yourself, consider the following:

    Unless you do lots of video encoding and Photoshop work, there is no really reason to buy a quad core CPU. Go with the E8400 instead.

    Go with one of the motherboards Gravemind suggested.

    RAM- 4GB is fine- 2GB is passable.
    Video- 8800GT 512 G92- $193 before MIR

    Agree also on the PSU is way overkill. Look at something like this:
    Corsair 620W Reason why I go with this over the 550W that Gravemind suggested is because its modular. A modular PSU is a huge benefit, I love mine.
  3. Modular is nice, but the HX620 is significantly more expensive, and having used both modular and not, it is not worth the added $50-60 for modular and wattage that won't be used. If you really want modular the HX520 would be a better fit for the system.
  4. HX520 is about $40 cheaper after the MIR but I found it:

    Corsair HX520
  5. I'd definitely say VX550 or HX520 for the power supply, since the HX620 is more expensive and is beyond what the system needs.
  6. Hello everyone, I have decided to put in more money on the new system. Can you please take a look of the new specs and give comments. Thanks a lot!

    CPU: Intel Core 2 quad Q9300 2.5GHz/6M/1333Mhz processor
    MB: ASUS Striker II Extreme ATX Motherboard, nVidia nForce 790i Ultra SLI Chipset
    - Support 1600/1333/1066MHz FSB, Intel C2D Extreme/C2Quad/ C2D cpu LGA775 socket
    - 2 x PCI-Express 2.0 X16, 2 x PCI
    - 10 x USB 2.0, 6 x SATA 3.0, 1 x Parallel ATA IDE
    - 2 x IEEE 1394a Firewire ports
    - 4 memory slots, dual channel, Support DDR3 1333MHz/1066MHz/800Mhz ECC and non-ECC
    - Memory supports upto 8GB DDR3 SDRAM
    - Support nVidia SLI Graphic Card
    - Integrated SupremeFX II Audio
    - Integrated Dual Gigabit LAN
    RAM: 2 x 2GB 1066MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL7 DIMM
    LG 20x SATA DVDRW Drive - Black
    - One Year Original Manufacturer Limited Warranty for the Drive
    FD No Floppy Drive Included
    HD Seagate 500GB 7200rpm SATA Hard Drive
    VC Asus EN9800GX2/G/2DI/1G nVidia GeForce 9800GX2 Chipset 1024MB GDDR3 Video Card
    Original Manufacturer Limited Warranty on ASUS Card
    NC Onboard G-LAN
    OS No OS Included - (user will load Vista 64-bit)
    CA Mid Tower black with 4 x 5.25" Bays (2 x front USB, 1 x mic, 1 x headphone)
    PS Antec TPQ-850 850W ATX EPS12V 80mm Fan 80PLUS RoHS Power Supply
    KB No Keyboard Included
    MU No Mouse Included
    WS Two Years Parts & Labour Limited Warranty

    CAN$2540 tax included.
  7. No No No.

    Avoid 7x0 motherboards, especially the 790s that like to corrupt data on RAIDs when overclocked.

    Look at X38/X48 chipset motherboards, due to their very good overclocking potential. If you are going t overclock it, look at the Q6600 due to the higher multiplier and better chance of hitting 3.6. If you don't care about going over 3.0 stick with the Q9300.

    Don't tell me "Oh I want to SLI" Unless you have a 30" monitor or want to game at resolutions higher than 1920x1200 you don't need SLI. The SLI on a card you have there is close enough. :)

    Look at Asus (P5E) or Gigabyte X38/X48 motherboards.
    Skip DDR3- EXPENSIVE with very little benefit. Hell DDR2 often beats it.
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