Silly Question About the 8800GT Cooler

Well, hi. I know that this is a bit of a silly question but do I need to get a new cooler for the 8800GT? I read up on some things and it said that the 8800GT got a new fan a while ago. Before that I heard that the cooler was terrible. I'm not sure if I need to buy an new cooler or not.

I'm not sure if this would matter or not but I plan on buying this-

-Also do I need any additional items to buy for the 8800GT? Some suggested that I should get RAM heatsink but do I need it? If yes, then can you suggest to me which ones would be good? Thanks.
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    Come up with $30 more and get this.
    Faster than the GT, and much, much better cooling. Exhausts hot air out the back instead of into the case.
    You don't need a heatsink for your RAM.
  2. -Edit: This card take up two PCI-Express slots? If it does then I'm getting the 8800GT because my motherboard only has one.

    Would this PSU be able to run the 8800GTS? Everything else in my computer is basic so it wouldn't take much wattage.

    -Also since I'm not exactly 'tech savvy'. What does Overclocking do?
  3. It only takes one slot up inside the PC but takes up 2 of the back metal slots.

    I'm pretty sure the PSU will do fine.
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