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Hi all,

Yes this forum is packed with tons of useful information, as well as many similar topics. I have read all of the ones pertaining to the arguments between choosing a 780i board or an X48/X38/P45 etc. I have narrowed my choice down to 3 possible boards, and in the end it will ultimately be my own decision, however I would like insight from current owners of the 3 boards. So here we go:

I will be running a Q6600. GTX280 is a possibility for a single card solution, however I have an 8800 Ultra now, so I could purchase another one and run SLI. 4 gigs of ram (whatever is compatible to the chosen board) and it will be run on Vista Ultimate x64.

This machine will ultimately be a gaming rig, on water cooling with a single loop only to the processor. (hence the debate between SLI or not to SLI) . I know the Asus is a crossfire board, and I have only ever owned Asus boards. Im willing to give evga a chance here due to the simple fact I believe in their Video Card products.

I would appreciate useful input, none of the "omg, wtf, pwn, etc" it looks cool. Im looking for performance, stability and reliability.

The 3 boards I'm currently looking @:

EVGA 132-YW-E178-A1 FTW

EVGA 132-CK-NF78-A1

Asus Rampage Formula X48

As a side note, is the FTW worth the $10, and is it proven?


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  1. If you go 780i the FTW is worth it. But as much as an nVidia fan I am I cannot recommend one. Look at 750i FTW's and 790i's instead. But whatever you do, buy EVGA.
  2. Why a 790i? or 750i?

    I don't need a tri-sli so im pretty sure I will rule the 790i out. As well Im not ready to go to DDR3.

    I like the proven quality that the 750i FTW's have.

    looking for more input and thank you for opening me up to the 750i's
  3. 780i perform the same as an old p35, which is still decent. It runs at 1333mhz fsb natively, and can reliably oc to 1600. X38/48/p45 runs at 1600mhz fsb natively, and reliably oc to 2000+.

    280gtx is overpriced. A single 4870x2 cost less, and far outperforms a single 280gtx. You can always cf that later to deal with the 280gtx sli.

    That x48 board is overpriced. Get this instead.
    It's a proven board used by many forum members. It supports 1200mhz ddr2 natively, instead of the "1200(o.c.)" for the Asus board. And because of the flatter, wider heatsinks, the Gigabyte board can fit all cpu coolers, unlike the Asus model.
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