Nvidia raid drivers or jmicron raid drivers?

Which are better or does it even make a difference? :heink:
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  1. What is this "Nvidea"? I do not know what you're talking about :heink:
  2. 2 disk RAID0 or 1 there's no difference in speed or reliability for any driver/host RAID solutions. Same applies to RAID1+0.
    Just don't go near RAID5 unless you're using completely software RAID or true hardware RAID. Only bag of hurt you'll find.
  3. r_manic said:
    What is this "Nvidea"? I do not know what you're talking about :heink:

    i meant nvidia.
  4. One very important difference it makes: you MUST use the drivers for the RAID chip you have! I certainly would not use the jmicron drivers for a RAID controller built into a mobo's nVidia chipset.

    Some boards have two different RAID and hard drive controllers provided by different chips. For example, my ASUS A8R32 MVP Deluxe mobo has a ULI Southbridge that provides the main SATA controller with 4 ports including RAID capabilities, plus a separate Silicon Image controller that provides a fifth internal SATA port plus an eSATA port and includes some RAID capabilities, too. Each has its own driver installed.
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