Updated: BFG 9800 GX2 and The Antec Twelve Hundred Sex Machine!

Well I finally got all my parts in:

BFG 9800 GX2
q6600 Quad Core
Antec Twelve Hundred Case
ABS Tagan 700 watt
Arctic Cooler

The Beast!

My Old Case in comparison in size

Sexy lights!

Up close!
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  1. I think my next upgrade, is a new motherboard that supports the PCI express 2.0 and DD3 so I can get some faster speeds up on the games im playing.

    Other that that, my 9800 GX2 is playing great, Crysis is running smooth just have to make sure its not on like Uber high settings or it starts to drop my frame rates really bad, but games like Oblivion are running beautifully at top graphics.
  2. beatiful system man...i love that case...was thinking about getting one, probably in a few years when the price comes down...nice title for this tread too....it definately is a sexy(y) machine, not nessesarily a sex machine
  3. Never know:P Some girl might say.. wow if he can get a case to do that.. I wonder what he can do with me....

    lol yea right:P
  4. Hahaha. Ditto Fionn.
  5. Which mobo do you have now??
  6. My motherboard is the Abit AW9D-Max.

    So hence, my upcoming upgrades would be, a new motherboard with 2.0 pci express, and faster dd3 memory, but im going to wait until those boards come down in price and are a little more main stream. Dont wanna spend 500 more bucks on a good MB and DD3 lol:P I would say those 2 items would be my systems main bottleneck right now.
  7. Two more Pics.

    The First is a good look inside the case, you can see it has ample room for that 11in graphics card, and cable management as well.

    Here is a picture of the back of the case where I was deciding how to manage my cables with as little cables in the main part of the system as possible.

  8. Man all that money spent and yet Crysis can't be conquered...lol...

    You ought to spend the $500 on the new GTX280 instead of PCI 2.0 and DDR3 so that you could finally play Crysis and its even more demanding sequels
  9. i doubt the GTX280 will make Crysis playable at ultra high settings with that card either lol:P

    if I got a new video card, I would still be limited by the FSB on my motherboard and the memory so in the end, it still would not play at its highest settings anyways.
  10. ^...Yeah GTX280 might let you play Crysis at very high very well.

    Upgrading to pci 2.0 on 9800GX2 and getting DDR3 is nothing to what performance increase GTX280 would give.
  11. ok but a motherboard with 2.0 will increase the bandwidth from 2.5 to 5.0 tb, the motherboard will move up from around what, 800-1066 fsb and scale to over 1333-2000, and the ddr 2 i have running at 667mhz with dd3 can scale up to who knows what, of course the first few will have higher latency I am sure. But either way.. a new graphics card is still going to be limited by what info it can push out through the whole computer.. Id rather upgrade my motherboard next and memory, and then after a year or 2, get something even better than the gtx280. There will always be better cards in the future... that is always the facts with todays graphic card market lol.
  12. awesome, I just bought a Corsair HX1000w so that I'm ready to plug in a second 9800 GX2:)
  13. Until Nehalem ships with the integrated memory controller ddr3 is basically useless when paired with core 2 cpu's imo.Wait until the new cpu/socket are launched before a mobo upgrade. That quad and mobo should have lots of wind left for you to wait til they arrive.
  14. Dammit I love my Nine Hundred, but those are some sweet pics. Maybe I'll get a Twelve if it ever gets down to $120 or so.
  15. I went antec 900, I think the 12 is a bit too large of a system but it'd be nice if you run with a lot of drives.
  16. I liked the p900, but it was way to crammed, I couldn't fit half the the stuff I currently have in my computer. If I wouldn't have bought the Armor Full tower I would prob have gone for the 1200. But It would've been nice to have the click in drives for the drive bays in the new Antec:P

    I barely fit the 1000 watt PSU in the current full tower I have, I needed to take out the drive bay.

    I can't go back to mid-tower after going to full.

    I had to take out the top fan in order fit the PSU, my lord it was freaking huge

    Here's my case and specs:

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