What card would fit?

Not sure where this would go. This is sort of both a motherboard and a graphic card help but it's primary a graphics card help.

Since my motherboard is too small for a 8800GTS, what is the largest card that could fit this?

Foxconn C51GU01:
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  1. It would have to be a single slot card.
    Also, make sure the PSU is rated enough for the card you pick.
  2. What card would you suggest? I'm planning on getting a 600W PSU from Thermaltake, so I think it would be fine.
  3. you need to measure how much room you have in the case from front to back. Something like the 8800GT might work but their fairly long so it would likely hang over the board and might interfere with whatever is behind the motherboard such as hard drives or optical drives.
  4. Make sure your Gateway uses a standard ATX power supply and not a proprietary one.
  5. ^
    I recommend checking this out as well. Most standard style cases are starting to use non proprietary PSU's but just to make sure. I know older models of almost all bands uses specific PSU's.

    I'd recommend getting whatever you can afford. I mean the 8800GS is CHEAP! and take barely any power to run. the 9600GT would be next and is on par with the HD3870. Next would be the 8800GT or GTS. the GTS being a little more powerful but cost a bit more. Has better stock cooling though. There are many GT's that have upgraded cooling as well. Get what is within your budget. What monitor do you plan to play on? that is a big question as well.
  6. Apparently the Motherboard is 10.4 × 10.5 inches, which card is small enough? A 8800GTS?

    This is the PSU I plan to use. Thermaltake 600W:
  7. ^
    The mobo size doesn't really matter. The space in your case does. Some brand PC's run out of room for the length of the card.

    That PSU is more than enough for an 8800GTS/512
  8. What should the length inside the case be for any 8800 card? My monitor is small so it doesn't matter it's 17 inches. I only use 1280 X 1024.
  9. Man a gts will be so overkill. a 9600GT would work as well. although if you have the cash to burn it doesnt hurt to have overkill. haha incase you get a new monitor sometime.
  10. Yeah, I'm planning too. I just measured my case. It's 6 1/2 inches wide and it is longer than 10 inches long. So would a 8800GTS fit? Yeah I got around $500 to blow off, so a 8800GTS price is fine.
  11. ball82979 said:
    Yeah, I'm planning too. I just measured my case. It's 6 1/2 inches wide and it is longer than 10 inches long. So would a 8800GTS fit? Yeah I got around $500 to blow off, so a 8800GTS price is fine.

    Is that your case that is 10in or the inside? I have the Evga 8800GT and the card is 9in so if the area inside where the card is going is more than that then you are fine.
  12. I measured the inside of the case, took me a while to open... lost my screwdriver. Someone told me that it wouldn't fit because it hit something I don't see it but the 8800GTS may be bigger than I expected.

    -Anyone knows the dimensions of the 8800GTS and the 8800GT, length, width, height?
  13. The Evga 8800GT is 9"L x 3 3/4"H x 5/16"D. That's the standard version not the AKIMBO.
  14. Well I don't see any problem I remeasured it from the back of my case to the other side of the motherboard. I did encounter one problem, if 8800GTS is as big as I think it is, it'll hit into the USB 2.0 connecter.
    -With the dimensions you gave me, the Evga 8800GT should fit fine.
  15. Just remember you need to weasel a 6 pin PCI-E power connected in there as well. so it will need more than 9". Just to let you know.
  16. I researched found out that I got a terrible case. An 6-Bay uBTX Case. So scratch everything I just said. Does anyone know what PSU and Graphic Card would fit in there. If nothing can fit in there then I 'll get a new case. If I have to get a new case what can you suggest. I know I'm asking for a lot.
  17. Do you have a link to your case?
  18. Sorry, I don't know the exact dimensions of the case. I got a rough estimate a website All I got is the picture part by part.


    Size of the outside of the case.

    Height: 15.5"
    Width: 7.5"
    Depth: 18"
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