Is this a RAID, hard drive, or OS issue?

Every few days when starting Windows 7 I get a message that it needs to run check disk. Check Disk then runs for several hours or more and finds multiple errors or different types (sorry dont have the details). After this full Check Disk the problem then reoccurs a few days to a week laters. I am not exactly sure on the of how soon the problem is reoccuring as it looks like Windows 7 is only checking the volume after a cold boot or restart. Ofter my computer comes out of hibernation/sleep mode so I am only running into it when restart.

I am running a raid 0 with the controller from my mother board on two new sata Western Digital 750gb hard drives. I have run western digitial diagnostics and seagate diagnostics. I have run the seagate and WD in windows on the raid array. I have also disabled the raid array and run the seagate diagnostic on each drive individually in DOS (couldnt get the WD to run in DOS). Both checks showed that there were no problems.

Let me know if you need any additional information or if this needs to go in a different place. Thanks!
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  1. Those errors are probably caused by errors that occur when you're writing to the array. You might want to go through the effort of setting everything up under a different OS and see if the same problems occur. For now I'm assuming that it's an incompatibility between Windows 7 and your RAID setup that's causing the problems.
  2. Sounds like your are either using the wrong driver, or it is not 100% compataible with Win7, or you may have a bad/intermittent SATA cable or cable connection.
    Very first cheap thing I would do, is try a new set of SATA cables. Be sure to buy decent cables, ones that are fairly "soft". I have found that many of the cables that come with retail drive kits are very stiff, and are prone to cause bad connections at the board due to the stiffness of them.
  3. Thanks for the info. I will try new sata cables and then the OS
  4. Well that or, it can be something stupid like bad sata cable or power connection, common with cheap PSU's. btw did you did you looked at windows logs? any flags on raid? What are your specs?
  5. I was just reading an article a few minutes ago, which stated that you needed to purchase WD raid drives to run in that configuration.

    I was looking at running two WD 1TB drives and found out they would not work. Something about the drives needing to run a deep cycle..... and the raid timed out. This is the error you are coming up with. When you run diagnostics it shows everything to be OK. If you contact WD they will tell you they will not accept the return of these drives run in a raid array.

    I'll try to find the article and post the address for you. I think a call to WD will solve your problem. Why don't they let us know in the literature about the drive prior to purchase.

    Ron Byran
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