Speedfan Readings: Inconsistent?

Speedfan shows Temp3 which is supposed to be the CPU according to the matching temperature in Everest Home Edition (22C, which seems low). However it then shows Core 0, 1, 2, and 3 all around 56-65C.

I'm running a 9450.

It also shows the Temp1 which crossreferenced to Everest again is the GPU at 55C, but GPUz at the same time tells me it's 67-70C.

What's going on? Which numbers do I trust? On the CPU, is it the Temp 3 or Core #s that shouldn't go above 70C?
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  1. Trust the cpu temp. They should be similiar across the board in different programs. The core temps are always higher cuz it's the core.
  2. speed fan sucks use core temp - the readings on the q9450 cores are significantly higher then the asus probe

    core temps of 50-60c are normal for oc with water 4ghz/9650 or 3.6ghz/air or bad system with poor cooling stock - max temps of 65-72 again normal per core

    usually core one runs hot - usually you find a group of cores that run cooler

    i use probe/core temp/speedfan together in testing

    no - as far as cores going over 70c at max its not an issue. running a pc at 70-75c every day all day, is different. you would lower the life span. i limit my max to 75c and do not ship systems unless they run below 72c at max output in a hot room 82-90f plus.

    i run systems hot for years with out issues with out turning them off - never one pc has failed that i own, built sold or shipped.

    i have shipped pc that ran 75c, i.e. "the world fastest air cooled computer" the 965EE 4.5ghz dual core -- these systems all run and have run for years they hit 75c at max. but then again, in cool room under nomal conditions they see 45-55c normally
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