Are DVD or/and BD writers stable via USB?


Dont know why, but I have this "usb is not stable enough" or "usb is too CPU demanding" feeling about DVD and/or BD writers. I would like an external BD writer like LGBE06LU10 Super Multi Blue to use in a Atom 330 Windows Home Server. But is that alright? Will I get trouble free BD burning using this combo?


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  1. I'm just guessing here, but I wouldn't be concerned about DVD use. Even at 24X you're still running at well under half of the raw throughput of USB.

    But USB seems to max out at a transfer rate of something close to 30MB/sec (even though the theoretical raw rate goes up to 60MB/sec). That means you're going to max out the connection bandwidth at a BD disc speed of around 6X. For a safety margin I'd think that means you'd want to avoid a USB BD burner rated at anything faster than around 4X.
  2. Thanks
  3. Performance and stability will depend on the PATA/SATA(whichever the LGBE06LU10 is using) to USB2.0 converter controller chip, hidden inside the enclosure connected to the optical drive's interface.

    Alternatively if you want a more integrated solution then you could take the drive out of its USB enclosure and connect it directly to PATA/SATA.
    I bought an Optiarc BC-5600S (SATA) recently off eBay cheap and plan to mod it into a small mini-ITX enclosure. It's a standard (12.7mm) slim optical drive that slot loads. It'll be much better, cheaper,and more flexible than crappy Mac Mini.
  4. USB/2- DVD writers and players are none issue on desktop & notebooks.

    Blue Ray Writer/Player on USB2--- No information .... My Blue Ray Drive runs on SATA.

    Your option is buy a build product(external Blue Ray/DVD Writer)... Or buy an enclosure with SATA/USB2 interface and install a BLUE-RAY/DVD writer on it. The software is availabe for it to work.

    Actual product from LG

    I'm not sure how much CPU usage it will take for ATOM-notebooks. For Quadcore its not an issue at all... My CPU utilization is < 7% when running BD based task.
  5. I just talked to LG and I should have no problem running their BD writer with the Atom processor. So I want to go for it.

    Thanks for your inputs...
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