x2 6400 80c under load WTF!

My x2 6400+ is hovering around 80 C under load with stock heatsink and arctic thermal paste I have no explanation for this... it is not overclocked at all and the fan appears to work fine. any ideas?
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  1. It's a hot-running CPU?
  2. rapsux321 said:
    My x2 6400+ is hovering around 80 C under load with stock heatsink and arctic thermal paste I have no explanation for this... it is not overclocked at all and the fan appears to work fine. any ideas?

    They sell salt in 1 pound boxes. It usually takes a couple before I believe the on die sensor. (half joke only)
    Is the system stable? If it is, your sensor is wrong.
    Do you want to try overclocking?
    If not, dont worry too much, so long as you are stable.
    The big concern I have, is does your psu have a good lower fan? It is vital to the cooling of modern chips. ( It wont make that much difference though)
    Is your hsf solid to the chip? If a 15 tear old girl could wiggle it at all in the locked position, it's not down tight. ( The stock hsf is either tight or broken)
    What controls does your bios have? I can set my asus board to fry my chip long before the fan gets up to speed.
  3. hey watch your language, its simple thing to check and fix.
    1. where did you get your temperature from? recomend to look at it from the BIOS (wait about 3 minutes if you just turn it on)
    2. try to re set the heatsink
    3. you said the fan looks its working fine, but check its RPM, what is it?
    4. in the OS, can you tell me your idle, and load temps, both..
    5. lastly, is your case has good airflow(this doesnt affects a lot but it does affect a bit)

    for my old pc, which is athlon xp 3200+, 512mb ddr, geforce fx5200, when i load my cpu for more than 10 minutes, it goes up to 77C. heat sink has no dust, all clean..
    the reason for this is because its summer. it was usually, 60-65C under load.
  4. Before I installed the 8800gt the system was stable with a 2600xt. load temps never exceeded 46-50... I pop in the 8800gt and i get system crashes after gaming or stress testing... I watch the CPU temps climb to a new record 82C today, My bios safe temp is 70C but i disabled it. The 8800gt seems to be ok, its just a hot running card. I believe the 2600xt was bottlenecking my old x2 3800, and now with the new gfx card the 6400 can work at full capacity.. and its running like the cooler doesn't even exist. Ambient temps range from 51-60 under load (using 2 temp monitors). Well after the system crashes i get to see bios when it restarts, and it is around 50c.. but it had to have fallen. My case has 4 fans, should be adequate. Fan should be operating at 6600 RPM.
  5. too much arctic thermal paste perhaps?
  6. My thought as well, but no, I removed the original cooler and replaced it with another amd stock cooler and used the appropriate amount of arctic silver, no change in temp. The heatsink is hot all the way through though, it has good contact. The CPU fan runs at a maximum 3125 rpm even when the cpu is cooking.. arent these fans able to do 4500RPM+ easily?
  7. sigh.. Switched motherboards and cases... no change CPU hits 83 at load eventually crashes. Took the side off the case, placed a large fan on high blowing directly in, lowered ambient temps several C, cooling the GFX card by about 9C... uhh but the CPU temp didnt move... something is seriously wrong. Would an aftermarket cooler even help.. I dont know what the problem is.. no AMD cpu should idle at 50c..
  8. You could try an afermarket cooler but if you could I would RMA cpu. It just sounds like you got a crap cpu.

    Or I noticed you said you replaced or was using the stock AMD cooler. Are you using one that was made for the 6400? If i recall correctly they are rated to use up to 125w. I think there is or are coming out with 95w ones. But either way, if you switched to a stock coller from a AMD chip that is rated at 65w for example it just aint going to be able to cut it.

    There alot of people on here with 6400s. Most of them i recall from when it was only a black edition part(no cooler included). Maybe they can be of more assistance. I have never owned or built a system around one myself.
  9. Tried an aftermarket cooler rated up to 6400.. no change.. Do you think it could actually be the CPU? also the v core seems to jump above 1.4 i think it even hit 1.5 once under load is that normal?
  10. AMD's range for that chip is 1.35/1.4V. I assume it should not be going out of that range running at stock. But I have never owned a 6400 so....But it sounds logical that a cpu should not exceed the voltage range. Especially at default speeds.
  11. Save yourself the headache and RMA it.
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