GA-MA78GM memory compatability question

The advertised memory standard for this is DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500). Is anyone using this motherboard with different rated memory? Specifically, DDR2 675 (PC2 5400) or DDR2 667 (PC2 5300)? I seem to be having issues and I think it might be the memory. The documentation that came with the motherboard says it supports memory down to 667 but I just wanna make sure. I'm using 2 x 1gb corsair xms ddr2 675. Thanks.
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  1. Then it should be ok.

    Check connex and make sure mmemmory is seated in slots.

    A good pc shop can test memory also.

    Not sure what issues you have.
  2. What's connex? The problem is that it just freezes on start up. Its POSTs just fine but freezes after that. If I want to get to BIOS, I have to use only 1 stick in slot 4. Using any other slots or trying to use both sticks together causes it to freeze. I know my memory works because I'm currently using it on my old system which is working fine.

    AMD 4850e
    1 optical drive
  3. connex = connections = first thing to check - and usually last thing people check

    according to specs u state = mem s/b working

    So it posts! So hdwe is ok. (= mem is ok too) (wheeeee!) :)

    O/S is freezee.
    I hope u have new install cos old install is now crapola for this cfg. (config) (configuration) (hardware setup is new - windoze won't work unless reinstall so windows can find all the new hardware - it used to be (win98) you could throw any hdwe at the o/s and no problem. Not with xp or vista. (which)????

    It is difficult to solve problems with scant info. POST is a major ok point. So I think you have old install of O/S in play (?)
    POST = power on self test = single beep = ok. Research beep codes for anything other than single beep. (usually indicates ram or video problems. If single beep = those are ok. Therefore the o/s is crap.

    Did you do a fresh new clean install of Windoze (xp) (wishta)????????


    I have been thinking of buying similar pc. New ram is cheap btw - but this ram s/b workee.

    Note if you new install windoze, then make hdwe changes = problem.
    BUT - changing ram is irrelevant to this type of major change.
    Consult mobo manual re acceptable ram cfgs - ddr or no - matching sticks req'd for dual channel - try with or without dual channel, etc. NOW THAT might be the problem rather than o/s.

    Like I said - it's hard to outguess you. :)
  4. I appreciate the help. I'm going to try to manually set the memory speed in BIOS. Or if that doesn't work, try getting DDR2 1066 (like you said, memory is cheap now). I'm not using windows because I don't have a retail copy. I want to install Linux Debian on this machine and the install disc I'm using, I know it works because I tested it on old computer.

    Is it possible for the motherboard to be faulty but still POST ok? Thanks for your help.
  5. UPDATE: I set the memory to 667 manually but it still didnt fix the problem. Then I bought 2x1gb ddr2 1066 corsair dominator. Computer booted with no problem using this memory. I don't know why but I guess the GA-MA78GM-S2H just doesn't like the corsair xms ddr2 675 series or maybe just mine. I'm just glad I got my system up n running.

    oh btw, after getting the dominator i saw a deal on crucial ballistix ddr2800 2x1gb for 39.99 with 20 mail in rebate so it came out to 19.99! i picked up 4gigs of that and my system is working with that memory also.
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