Slow internet when wireless network enabled

I have two computers, one a k6-2 400 with 192 meg ram and my athlon 600 with 256 meg ram both running winxp pro.

The k6-2 400 is basically the server as it has a generic 56k software modem and dlink 11g wirless pci network card. The athlon 600 has a netcomm usb 11b wireless network adapter. However I dont think the 2nd computer is of much issue as I will soon explain.

My problem is that when my network is enabled the internet (iprimus) dials up at varying speeds such as 28k, 32k and 45k and sometimes the standard 46k which I consitently get when the network is disabled. Regardless what of the speed it aparantly connects at the internet is extremely slow to use and only sometimes becomes usuble (yet still very slow) after being connected for some time. When the network is disabled the internet dials up and runs fine. Even if the athlon is off or has its network connection disabled the k6-2 chunks on the net when the wireless connection is enabled even though it isn't really connected with anything. Running the internet on the athlon through internet sharing over the network is the same thing with the internet being unusably slow. The two computers are running in ad-hoc (peer to peer mode).

We used to have a PCMA laptop card with an adapter in the k6-2 which my bro thought was ISA and may have been taking to much CPU along with the software modem. However when I weant to take it out it turns out it was a PCI adapter but I decided to still replace it and purchased the dlink G520+ 11g pci card. However as stated I still have the same problem. My next guess would possibly be the software modem, however a few months ago my bro had the wireless network setup with a router and possibly a different wireless network card in the k6-2 and I was using the USB adapter on the athlon and the internet connected fine. The day he moved out and took the router and whatever else I have had this slow internet problem. He says we were using this modem when he was here but I'm not sure...

If I disable the network while on the internet I seem to have to re-dial up to get normal speed back.

I'll be glad to give info on network settings ect if the need arises.

Please help, Im sick of using the net on this computer (the k6-2).


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  1. As no one else has responded with anything, try uninstalling and reinstalling both the networks and the modem devices. Its possible that it could be a tcp/ip protocol thing, although winxp is generally good with this, unlike the 9x versions.

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  2. One reason it's incredibly slow is that you are on a DIAL-UP service!! Two machines pulling data through an incredibley small pipe! I would say that it is going to run really slow anytime you have more than one machine on it, because the bandwidth just isn't there. Is there no cable/dsl service in your area? If so, that would be the way to go...
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